When comparing top performers to struggling agents, Jimmy Burgess sees three general mindset issues that struggling agents can’t overcome, so they just stop. Think about how you respond to these three challenges.

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When I first started working in this industry, I wanted to build a bigger business than anything I had seen before in my local market. I wanted to do more transactions, help more first-time home buyers, affect more lives, and allow more people to understand the value of homeownership.

I’ve studied best producers to understand what they were doing, and I found that no one personality type at all levels is successful over others, as you might think.

Regardless of background, education level, family type, etc., the one thing that sets the best producers apart is the state of mind. The best producers share a common mindset that allows them to take their business to the next level.

Successful people typically respond in one way to typical agent challenges, and struggling agents respond in quite another way.

When I compare top performers to those who struggle, I often see three general mindset issues that agents can’t get over, so they just stop. Think about how you respond to the following three challenges.

“I don’t know how to do this. “

Agents who fail use the phrase “I don’t know how to do this” when they encounter a skill or task that is unfamiliar to them. Maybe they don’t know how to build a database or one website Where social media market, then they assume they’re out of their league and stop trying.

On the other hand, successful people determine what is needed to move the business forward and learn on their own how to perform those tasks. They operate from the belief that it is their job to learn to do this, ”so they study, or they enlist the help of someone who can help them learn.

We are living in a fantastic time when you can learn how to do anything through YouTube or Google. If you’re having trouble with something you want to know, just go to YouTube or Google and type in “how to do (whatever you want to learn to do)”.

Go to iTunes and find podcast episodes on anything you want to learn or improve. Listen to podcasts during your time at the gym or in your car. In just a few podcast episodes, you’ll have everything you need to overcome any knowledge gap you think you have in your business.

The most successful real estate agents become students of the subject they need to grow their business.

‘I do not have that.’

People who fail often stop making progress when they feel they lack the resources to move their business forward. When they lack funding, experience, or even a particular skill, they conclude that it will be impossible to move forward without what they lack, so they stop trying because they don’t see the way forward. .

Because successful people operate out of a longing to win, they will find a way forward. They identify the thing they need to build, and they begin the construction job. Whether it is a sphere of influence, a agricultural area Where former clients, they determine the first steps – and go in that direction.

Ask yourself, “Is there anyone in real estate who didn’t have what I thought my business lacked when it started, but who managed to be successful?” I guarantee you there were.

Again, search YouTube or podcasts or Google for “How To Succeed In Real Estate Without (Everything You’re Missing).” “

We live in a world where life is an open book trial. Look for the answers and take action. The best performing agents I know of overcome limiting beliefs and find a way to overcome any perceived obstacles that stand in the way of building the business of their dreams.

” I’m not like that. “

When unsuccessful people meet a dynamic, consistently organized, or extremely outgoing person on video, they assume that person has an unfair advantage. People who fail assume the person is naturally good at the areas of the business they admire.

The truth is, no one is born with the skills to be successful in real estate. Everything in life is a process. Every fully functional adult was once a toddler trying to learn to walk. Every functional adult was once a teenager trying to figure out this thing in life. Real estate is no different. Everyone starts from a very similar position. Everyone needs to learn the skills they need to be successful and grow.

Successful agents understand that they can become what they want to be, and they work to learn things along the way. They know that the more specific tasks you complete, the better off you will be.

If you know that increasing your social media presence will help you grow your business, but you’re not comfortable doing it, what will it take to develop the skills you need? Are you willing to invest the time to develop the skills that will help you attract new business?

People who fail often operate from a mindset of lack, while successful people study their craft and realize how abundant there really is in our world.

Everything you need to take your real estate business to the next level is available to you in abundance.

When you answered some of the above situations, did you feel hooked on any of them?

Become the kind of person who understands things and develops the skills necessary to achieve the goals you set for yourself.

If you are not currently working for success, it is not too late to change. Believe that you can learn new skills and become the professional you want to be. Then develop a new skill every month that will help you grow your business. The next level for you is at your fingertips. Take action!

Jimmy Burgess is the Director of Growth for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Beach Properties of Florida in Northwest Florida. Connect with him on Facebook or Instagram.



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