As in any other commission-based industry, REALTORS® must rely on a steady portfolio of clients to keep their business profitable. If you enter the real estate industry in 2022, you face a unique combination of a booming housing market, limited inventory, and intense competition. Succeeding in this market will take hard work, dedication, and a thoughtful lead generation strategy.

Focus on a niche

You may have heard the business mantra, “the riches are in the niches”, but how does this apply to real estate? Agents can specialize in more than one area. Most agents work primarily with buyers or sellers. From there, you can narrow your expertise to a specific location, price range, or property type.

If you really want to differentiate yourself from other agents, you can focus on a specific buyer or seller. By focusing on the granular level, you’ll gain insight into the types of services and added value that would be most valued by your target market.

For example, if you wanted to focus on home buyers looking to reducesuch as retirees or divorcees, it would be helpful to learn more about niche markets such as 55+ communities or mixed-use construction projects in up-and-coming neighborhoods.

building authority

Buying a house is complicated. millions of home buyers hit the market every year, and they need guidance every step of the way. Real estate agents can stand out by sharing valuable information. Thanks to social media, there are multiple ways to create and share content.

For example, you can start a podcast where you discuss market trends in simple terms. Or, you can start a YouTube channel that focuses on the financial aspects of buying a home. Posting blogs on your website or sharing interesting articles on your social media page can also boost your credibility.

If you prefer a personal touch, consider hosting an information session at a local community center. With this strategy, you can fill a room with your ideal clientele. Not only can you raise your profile as a competent agent in your area, but you also have the opportunity to collect contact information from very warm prospects.

Attend open days

Although the real estate industry can be competitive, some of the best sources of leads are other real estate agents. If you have the opportunity to register for a broker’s open housecome prepared with questions.

You can learn more about the area and the popular styles of architecture favored by local guests. Broker open days are exclusively attended by industry professionals, and buyers’ and sellers’ agents often work together to close deals. Use the event as an opportunity to network.

Manage your contacts

If you’ve followed the strategies above, you’ve probably accumulated contact information for dozens, if not hundreds, of prospects. In real estate, customer contact information is a gold mine, but only if you use it wisely.

To keep this data safe and manageable, import your leads into a customer management system. A CRM organizes customer data into a searchable database that makes it easy to track who you’ve contacted and when. You can also rank your leads based on their willingness to buy or make a sale.

If you just want to remind your list of your services, you can use an automated system, like a personalized email sequence or agent-assisted dialers to contact hundreds of prospects at once. This tactic allows you to generate business from the leads you already have.

Feed your prospects

As you can see, collecting leads takes a lot of leg work. Once you have these leads in your database, don’t let them stale. Sending an informative email newsletter keeps you top of mind for your prospects because they will perceive you as a useful and knowledgeable source.

For prospects further along in the buying process, you can create targeted emails that include new announcements and open houses. If the manager has already visited several houses or organized an open house, you can contact them with personalized emails or direct phone calls.

Lead nurturing does not stop once the transaction is complete. After all, past clients are the best source of word of mouth referrals. Additionally, the average homeowner buys a new home every 8 to 18 years. It is very likely that a former client will need your services again.

Show your customers your appreciation by sending a thoughtful message housewarming gift shortly after their move-in date. Develop an awareness campaign aimed at landlords. This could be a newsletter focused on mortgage options and property values, or information about a referral reward program.


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