Are you ready to eschew conventional marketing methods like door-to-door in favor of trendy glows and DIY clips on TikTok? In this article, we are going to show you how to promote real estate on TikTok. We’ll also show you how some successful real estate agents use the app and what they post on the platform.

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TikTok real estate hashtags have received millions of views. In December 2021, the #homesforsale hashtag received over 24.4 million views and the #luxuryrealestate hashtag received over 566 million views. It’s no wonder many real estate agents are finding success with TikTok.

TikTok was the fastest growing app in 2020, boosted by COVID-19 lockdowns and people needing a fun and convenient way to connect with their peers. TikTok currently has more 1 billion active users. One argument against using TikTok for real estate marketing is that the platform is made up of 60% Gen Z users. However, this is not entirely a negative thing as it encourages marketers to think creatively on the platform, allowing them to showcase the fun and personal sides of their brand. Over time, experts predict there will be a fairer distribution of users across age groups as Gen Z grows and the app ages.

Real estate agent in Los Angeles Dylan brush started luxury property sharing on TikTok in January 2020. Over time, one of his posts went viral. Showing a $40 million bathroom earned him 1.3 million views and boosted his subscriber count to 12.5,000.

“I can get my properties in front of more eyes and more people by posting them on TikTok and going viral than I can with traditional marketing,” says Brush.

The reason TikTok works so well as a real estate social media marketing tool is because it shows users what they want to see. Each user’s “For You” page (home page feed) consists of a mix of videos similar to what they’ve watched in the past. Like YouTube, the amount of time a user spends watching a certain video and the terms a user types into the search bar will be used to create their “For You” page. So people interested in real estate will see real estate content.

Montreal investor and real estate coach Tat Londono has 2.4 million followers on TikTok. Chances are you’ve seen one or two of his sometimes controversial real estate investing videos. She focuses on educating potential real estate investors through her page.

But it’s not just about investing in real estate with her. She covers buying and selling real estate, advising real estate agents and luxury fashion.

Instead of typical tips and tricks videos, Londono racked up a lot of likes and followers by showing case studies and real-life examples of how she invests in real estate. For example, this videowhich has been viewed 2.2 million times, shows how she plans to create generational wealth using the real estate strategy of house hacking.

Take away food :

1. Having short captions helps keep people’s attention on the video.

2. Choose matching songs for your video. Note how she uses the right songs to match the “badass mommy” vibe she wanted to convey in the video.

3. Include relevant and trending hashtags, but don’t overdo it.

While still a fairly rookie agent in New York in the wake of the pandemic, Madison joined TikTok like many other people — out of curiosity. She had “no expectation” of her TikTok real estate account, which she tagged The NYC Agent. But things changed when she started offering apartment tours on the app. She received over 200 inquiries for a particular property.

Now, she has grown her TikTok follower base to over 100,000 and amassed 1.3 million likes on her videos. His videos include property descriptions, safety tips, dating advice, funny videos and fun facts. His videos focus mainly on New York. This may mean that she gets fewer views, but she gets more inquiries.

Take away food :

1. If you want to generate high-quality leads, stick to a niche. For example, why do you want to be known? Condominiums? It could also be based on your service area. Madison uses many NYC-focused hashtags to boost her views.

2. Madison’s videos often borrow concepts from the dating world and apply them to her parody clips of real estate clients. This makes his videos more relevant and engaging.

Victor Chan is a realtor and investor with Re/Max Realtron in Markham, Ontario. who amassed a base of 100,000 followers on TikTok. His videos have generated nearly 179,000 likes on the platform. However, there is no great creative trend. Instead, he focuses on educating real estate buyers and sellers about real estate processes and the current market. He also occasionally posts funny “when my client says guy” videos. The goal of his videos is to simplify real estate for the average millennial or Gen Z buyer.

Take away food

1. Know a lot about your market. Millennials and Gen Z homebuyers want to hire market-savvy real estate agents.

2. Create videos consistently. Chan creates videos daily.

Although there is room for planning and using high quality gears When you want to up your TikTok game, TikTok users don’t want perfection. They want to see the authentic side of your brand. This is why most TikTok videos are shot on iPhones. TikTok is miles away from LinkedIn. It is a fun platform and users want to see entertaining and fun content above all else. So if you can be spontaneous, fun, sometimes show your vulnerability, and not be camera shy, TikTok is for you.

Like most other social media platforms, the more content you create on TikTok, the more exposure you will get. However, if you can’t stick to a daily TikTok posting routine, don’t put fluff. Try to release three videos per week. Tat Londono, for example, posts four times a week. She sets aside time each morning Monday through Friday to plan and create a fun TikTok video and three educational videos.

One of the biggest benefits of marketing your real estate business on TikTok is that it’s one of the best places to be if you’re a newbie real estate agent. As long as your content is aimed at a specific audience, you have the opportunity to build brand awareness on TikTok. Here are some things you should know about the TikTok algorithm:

1. TikTok prioritizes localized content. So it is easy to reach users from a particular city by adding specific hashtags.

2. The algorithm organizes content for users on the “For You” page. When you create a video, your video is shown to 300-500 people. If 70% of those people watch the video to the end, your video could go viral.

3. It has a strict policy regarding fake views. People who use bots to increase video views will likely see their view count drop to zero.

You may not always be able to get bursts of ideas for original TikTok videos, but you can take advantage of other people’s content. TikTok duets allow you to create replicas of an already existing video. It can be one of your old videos or that of an influencer. However, you cannot duet with all types of videos. The video you want to rely on must have duets enabled.

On TikTok, the keyword is interest. Just like on Instagram, users can search for hashtags based on their interests. TikTok’s algorithm populates videos that match a user’s search query in the “discovery feed”. But that’s not all. When new videos feature these hashtags, the videos are shown to people who have already interacted with the hashtag. This means creators can quickly draw attention to their content. Although there is no limit to the number of hashtags you can use on TikTok, experts recommend using between one and five hashtags.

TikTok hashtags can also be used to jump on trends. It’s somewhat similar to Twitter in that you can jump on a viral challenge, for example, a trending dance style. You can create your own version and then add the right hashtags to increase your views and followings.


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