As family offices consider including sophisticated real estate investment strategies in their holdings, they are looking for qualified professionals who can not only be diligent and close these complex transactions, but, just as importantly, provide the personalized service that they are used to. Family offices have unique characteristics that set them apart from other investors, and working effectively with them requires a personalized approach.

The number of U.S.-based family offices skyrocketed after a landmark 2017 ruling in a lawsuit filed against the Internal Revenue Service by the Lender’s Bagels family that paved the way for favorable tax treatment for family offices . This trend is expected to continue for years to come, especially as the wealth of the super-rich continues to skyrocket and lucrative investment opportunities continue to emerge in today’s vibrant real estate market. Consider: Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, an estimated 86% of family offices grew in 2021, with a 58% increase in assets under management and average returns of nearly 20%, according to the Campden Family report Office 2021. Clearly, this massive market growth has created attractive new opportunities for a wide range of professionals serving these family offices, including lawyers, bankers and other lenders, accountants, property developers and managers. of heritage.


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