Next-Gen Real Estate Agency Offers Ground-Level Shareholder Opportunities

HOUSTON, June 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Agentinc., one of the nation’s fastest growing real estate companies, officially launched in Texas. Founded by John McMoniglethe leader of wall street journal 5 times #1 real estate team in the world, Agentinc. offers equity rewards, bottom-floor shareholder opportunities, passive income streams, and low industry level $16,000 ceiling to help agents succeed while maintaining an optimal work/life balance.

“Agentinc. place of agents first,” said John McMonigle, founder, Agentinc. “We are able to give all of our agents the chance to become co-owners of a global real estate company as we expand into 50 states and 50 countries over the next 50 months. We have created something that real estate n never seen before.”

Andrea Grimmfame Houstonreal estate instructor, trainer, coach, mentor and builder of new homes, leads the new Texas office with its award-winning team of agents.

“I’m excited to connect with potential agents and discuss how Agentinc. can grow their income beyond the roster,” Grimm says. “The Agentinc. platform has completely redefined how a traditional brokerage operates and gives agents the freedom to earn more.”

Agentinc’s management team. is led by the founder, John McMoniglewho sold more $8.5 billion in real estate, and Co-founder, Scott MacDonalda former top 1% broker who spent two decades developing agents, offices and regions for national and international brands.

“Agentinc. continues to attract elite agents every day,” McMonigle says. “That’s because we’ve done everything we can to ensure our agents have a full and successful life. I’m confident Andrea will seek out and select like-minded agents who are looking to grow their business and brand by using the wide range of financial tools and incentives provided by our Agentinc platform.”

agent inc. also allows potential investors to license their platform to build a real estate empire across the US and internationally.

“No other agency on planet earth offers agents and investors everything that Agentinc. has,” McMonigle says. “We continue to grow because we’ve created a platform that drives more revenue for agents. Simply put, what we do is revolutionary and it shows in your bottom line.”

To learn more about Agentinc. Texasvisit or contact Andrea Grimm at [email protected]

About Agentinc.

agent inc. was founded in 2019 by a renowned real estate executive, John McMoniglefive-time winner of wall street journal World’s #1 Real Estate Team Award. Agentinc’s record-breaking and award-winning management team. provides agents with equity rewards and ground floor shareholder opportunities to increase revenue beyond the list. With a focus on technology, networking, education and high impact marketing, Agentinc. empowers clients and agents to achieve their ultimate real estate goals.

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