Al Ruwad Real Estate, a company specializing in real estate marketing and consultancy in Dubai, highlighted the importance of smart real estate investments in the UAE during an awareness session hosted virtually by the Innovation Experts Real Estate Institution (IEREI) on Thursday October 14, by remote videoconference, and in the presence of a large number of real estate experts and stakeholders.

Founder and CEO of Al Ruwad Real Estate, Ismail Al Hammadi, shed light on the importance of smart real estate investments, highlighting the multitude of trends and forms of investments today. He also noted that it is crucial to make all forms of real estate investments accessible to everyone, so that individuals can start easily with a small budget and then gradually expand their investment to profit from it, stressing that it depends on the willingness to invest, to have the necessary knowledge of the challenges and be ready to overcome them.

Al Hammadi explained that “smart investment” means finding the right property to maintain capital value with the ability to double in the future, while carefully assessing market conditions to select the right investment in a timely and systematic. He also emphasized the need to be fully aware of long-term and short-term resources and goals, arrive at a clear assessment of everyone’s risk tolerance, and project an approximate return on investment.

The virtual session also touched on the success factors of real estate investments, which include the area and general area of ​​investment, the location of the property, the view around it, the population distribution in the neighborhood , the reputation of the developer, the general state of the economy, accessibility, property prices in the area, facilities, luxuries and future market direction.

Expanding on the topic of the future direction of the real estate market, Al Hammadi pointed out that the Emirati real estate market is experiencing new trends that investors need to be aware of in order to keep pace with the future. The most important of these are the alternative categories that are in demand today, which call for a change in the model of real estate units in the market and dictate a move towards increased asset management and a new formulation of residential complexes and hotel units. There is also an increased demand for green spaces, a general attention to the well-being of people with the urban renewal of residential areas and the adoption of digital solutions in the transition to building smarter homes.

As Founder and CEO of Al Ruwad Real Estate, Ismail Al Hammadi has made many contributions to real estate discussion sessions through numerous lectures and remote sessions aimed at raising awareness and providing valuable information on the real estate to the community.


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