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What makes this program unique is that the borrower does not need to provide proof of personal income or rental income.

—Robert Chadwick

SINGAPORE, Oct. 27, 2022 / — America Mortgages, the world’s leading international mortgage brokerage, focused on US mortgage financing for non-resident investors, today announced the addition of a new mortgage loan program that allows real estate investors to qualify using ratio-free underwriting. This mortgage program for international investors includes fixed and adjustable rate (ARM) mortgages, competitive rates, high LTV/LVR and loans up to $5 million.

America Mortgages’ new No Ratio mortgage program can be used for investment properties in all 50 states. International borrowers can use credit from their home country to qualify.

Robert Chadwick, CEO of America Mortgages, says “What makes this program very unique is that the borrower does not need to provide proof of personal income or rental income. Unlike the underwriting requirements for conventional or standard non-QM mortgages that rely on information from tax returns, pay stubs, rental income, or various other means of documenting income, America Mortgages No-Ratio Mortgages rely on the borrower’s credit and overall financial profile. But it could also come in handy for a salaried borrower with extra income that can’t be easily documented. He goes on to state “This is a loan program perfect for all real estate investors when a conventional mortgage is not an option, and as there are no AUM requirements, this is a perfect loan for our clients private bank ts.”

Although rental rates have increased at a much faster rate than mortgage interest rates, borrowers often struggle to qualify using the standard DSCR formula where the loan qualifies on the property’s projected rental income . It is a perfect substitute when DSCR or conventional income-eligible loans are not an option. America Mortgages’ no-ratio loan provides a fast, viable and very aggressive lending option.

“We are constantly striving to select the best US mortgage options for our global customers.” said Nick Worthing, vice president of retail lending for America Mortgages. “As the market evolves, we need to be fast, agile and resilient. This is what allows our company to remain the leader in American mortgage financing for foreign investors and American expatriates”.

Some of the advantages presented by America Mortgages’ no-ratio mortgage include:

Aggressive loan-to-value (LTV) ratio of up to 80% for foreign nationals and US expats
No tax returns or income verification
No US credit required
Foreign passports allowed
Investment property only
Loans up to $5,000,000 or more in certain cases
Loans available in all 50 states
No restrictions on withdrawal funding
Interest-only terms available
Approval within 72 hours

For more information about America Mortgages’ No-Ration US Mortgage Program, contact [email protected]

About America Mortgages and Global Mortgage Group

Founded in 2018, Global Mortgage Group PTE LTD [GMG], and headquartered in Singapore, is a full-service global mortgage finance company offering mortgages for investment purposes in the United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Thailand and Japan. some. For more information visit or call +65 9773-0273.

Founded in 2019, America Mortgages, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Mortgage Group PTE LTD [GMG]. America Mortgages, headquartered in San Antonio, TX, with representation in 12 different countries, is dedicated to providing American mortgage options to nonresident foreign nationals and American expats. 100% of US mortgages [AM] customers live and work outside of the United States Both GMG and AM are focused on building quality, long-term relationships with its partners such as private banks, EAMs, family offices, real estate agents and d other mortgage brokers located around the world by offering a wide variety of mortgage programs focused on specific markets with an exceptional client experience.

For more information, visit or call +1 830-217-6608.

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