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Realtors can extend their marketing with a memorable domain name

How many times does someone drive through a city or a highway and see a sign about real estate for sale and forget the name of the broker a minute later? »

—R. Singer

CLINTON, CT, USA, January 31, 2022 / — Area code domains works with real estate agents to help them maximize their online presence to drive sales. Providing real estate agents with a strategy is essential given the competitiveness of real estate. Area Code Domains offers niche domain names to real estate agents that have been used successfully in other industries such as restaurants, used car dealerships, dental offices, and fitness studios. Area Code Domains sells a domain name that matches the area code of the business location, along with a keyword or words that represent their services.

“Our domain names have brought significant revenue growth to our customers. We’ve worked with entrepreneurs, large corporations, and small business owners to lay the foundation for their online presence,” says R. Singer, Founder of Area Code Domain. “Our area code domains represent the first step in a successful online marketing strategy and are, overall, a low-risk investment bringing with it the potential to increase the reach of your company’s online presence. A brand.”

“How many times does someone drive through a city or a highway and see a sign about real estate for sale and forget the broker’s name a minute later? It’s so hard to grasp quickly a full phone number or hard to remember web address in those fleeting moments, and when that’s all a business communicates, it loses business by car.

Area Code Domains believes in the value of making easily discoverable businesses, especially in real estate, that capture the attention of potential customers when they are looking to buy or sell. Area Code Domains matches real estate agents with its area code and keywords, examples are (Orlando) or (Miami) or (Los Angeles). Area code domains have a domain available for real estate agents located in the United States. These URLs are memorable and can be advertised easily, driving potential customers to a landing page or redirecting them to an existing website.

“When working with real estate companies, the focus is on making it easy to find their business. Plus, we’re a source for other marketing tools and tips beyond domain name strategy.

Area Code Domains tells real estate companies to start by creating an easy-to-access online hub for their business. “Secondly, it is important to diversify and be creative in raising awareness of the brand, mission and services.”

“We suggest real estate companies get straight into video marketing and posting high-quality image tours. This is the best way for potential buyers to learn about the business, gain trust, and see a video tours of homes on the market saves time for agents and buyers.

Area Code Domains is available to help real estate professionals and businesses begin their committed quest for a dedicated online presence and is ready to connect every business with an eye-catching, memorable, and appropriate URL.

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