SAN DIEGO, August 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CalTier Realty, LLC (CalTier)the innovative fintech platform that helps the everyday investor diversify their portfolio into cash flow commercial real estate, today announced a new partnership with Alto Solutions, Inc. (Alto) to allow investments from a self-directed IRA account in commercial real estate.

This new partnership will allow clients to invest in CalTier real estate opportunities for as little as $500 using Alto’s self-directed IRA platform. Available to accredited and non-accredited investors, CalTier has partnered with Alto to increase accessibility to this asset class, which has traditionally not been easy for individuals, through a new source of funding.

“We are extremely excited to partner with Alto to offer our investors a fantastic new way to join the CalTier fund,” said Matt Belcherco-founder and CEO of CalTier. “We founded CalTier because we personally encountered a lot of friction and huge barriers to entry when trying to diversify our investments into commercial-grade real estate. It seemed like there was an invisible door that only a few privileged could open. With our new partnership with Alto, we are opening the door even further. Clients can invest in our multi-family fund and benefit from the tax advantages that self-directed IRAs can offer, all with an automated and transparent solution.

Alto is a next-generation self-directed IRA platform that makes it easy for individuals to access and invest in alternative assets using their retirement funds. Through the new integration with CalTier, investors can use Alto’s low-cost, easy-to-use platform to unlock its professionally managed, institutional-grade multi-family investments using their self-directed IRA. The CalTier fund will identify, trade, invest and then manage multi-family assets.

“We’re always looking for creative partners and solutions for our customers, and we’re thrilled to welcome CalTier to our platform,” said Tara FongAlto’s Chief Revenue Officer. “Through our new partnership with CalTier, we are able to offer clients even more options for investing in unique asset classes such as real estate to diversify and grow their retirement portfolios.”

As recently reported by the Freddie Mac Several families Mid-year outlook, it’s predicted that in 2021 alone, there will be a record $385 billion to $410 billion in multifamily origin volume. Using a self-directed IRA to invest in the lucrative commercial real estate sector can offer many different advantages, such as the ability to control where your money is invested, the flexibility to access investment class options assets beyond the stock market and significant tax benefits.

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About CalTier

CalTier Realty, LLC is a financial technology company offering the everyday investor the opportunity to invest in cash flow real estate, traditionally extremely difficult to participate in and often restricted to a select group of accredited investors. Their first Reg A fund is live and accepting investors and they are working on launching several new funds to provide various options to their user base in the US and overseas. Their offering circular can be viewed here: For more information, please visit

About Alto

Viola is a Nashvillefinancial technology company that launched its next-generation self-directed IRA platform in 2018 to make it easier for individuals to access and invest in alternative assets using their retirement funds. The first of its kind, Alto’s platform streamlines the process for investors, investment finance portals and investment sponsors. Alto’s current investment partners include Coinbase, EquityZen, Masterworks, and Republic, as well as financial advisors, fund sponsors, and other direct issuers. Alto is not a registered dealer or investment adviser.

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