Branding is the king of all marketing these days. With all the information at our fingertips, it has become extremely difficult to drown out the noise and filter the good from the great. Luckily, The PR Kings are here to take clients to the next level and give them the exposure they deserve with their outstanding PR services. In an oversaturated market, The PR Kings gives its clients the credibility and authority to stand out from the crowd and connect them with discerning clients who want the best from any product or service.

The PR Kings is a full-service public relations firm that works with clients from a wide range of industries, but ultimately focuses on real estate agents, financial advisors and lawyers. Buy a house, invest money and decide who will represent you in case of problems; are all crucial decisions that many people need to think about deeply. The PR Kings helps people make that decision much easier by amplifying top service providers through a rigorous PR campaign and holistic process.

The company works closely with reputable and successful real estate agents, financial advisers, and attorneys to lend them third-party credibility through different publications, TV shows, and podcasts. With a highly trusted brand like The PR Kings, the business transaction becomes much more seamless for the business and the consumer to connect with each other. The PR Kings have enabled clients to be represented by massive corporations such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc and Yahoo Finance. These are just a few of the massive brands PR kings are able to deliver to all of their clients. They have achieved this by connecting with these big companies so that their customers don’t have to do all the tedious work. They are the link between these great brands and the trustworthy clients they work with.

The level of communication provided by The PR Kings is on an entirely different level than other PR companies in the space. They create an intimate working relationship with their clients by providing a direct line to the CEO in case they have any questions or concerns. “We become our customers’ best friends and treat them like family,” said Founder and CEO Ali Kamel.

Additionally, The PR Kings offers cost-effective services as well as a variety of options for all activity levels. The well-known public relations company realizes that public relations is an ongoing service, which is why it tries its best to always meet the needs and demands of its customers at a reasonable price with exceptional customer service. Their number one goal is to make their clients become celebrities in the public eye.

Ali Kamel has been in the marketing industry for over three years now, with PR and marketing experience dating back two years. “I came into the industry because I’ve always had a passion for working with people and the marketing industry. Public relations really appealed to me because you can give people the opportunity to tell a story. story they might not have been able to tell before working with a PR expert,” Ali explained.

With Ali Kamel leading The PR Kings, hearing from their clients has become a top priority. “My driving force is definitely the need to see my clients being heard. Most of the time we can have a great product or service. But either no one trusts us enough to try it since it’s just our own opinion, or we just don’t have the means to get our information out to the public,” Ali said. “I’m all about the little guy who wants to succeed but just needs an extra push and help.”

PR Kings bring their clients to very respectable media publications such as Forbes and USA Today and many others, consistently working with them for the long haul. Recently, the company just had its biggest month ever with revenue of $50,000, serving over 30 customers in one month. Generating value for its clients and propelling them to the top of their industries, The PR Kings has become a force to be reckoned with, and its clients have received the treatment fit for royalty.

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