NAIROBI, Kenya, December 9 – The Kenyan real estate landscape in Kenya has seen tremendous progress over the years, with companies like Daykio Plantations Limited playing a central role in revolutionizing the industry.

The company which boasts of having over 35 years of experience in the Kenyan market has reshaped the industry by offering property to millions of Kenyans and delivering a good return on investment in land and real estate investments.

“We have seen our clients buy and build their homes and increase their investments, which has prompted us to continually embark on new investment projects,” said Purity Kagedo, business development manager for the company.

A project dubbed Daykio Bustani epitomizes new century real estate, an ideal investment located about 3.5 km on the road to Kiganjo off the Thika highway at exit 13.

Launched in 2014, the project has generated enormous interest from potential owners and to date the project is 95 percent sold.

A fully serviced quarter acre of land large enough to build a modern home, the project, a gated community with nine unique architectural designs to choose from, offers an aura of tranquility and good atmosphere.

“As Daykio, we are proud to say that we created home ownership in Daykio Bustani,” Kagendo said during a tour of the project with the Capital Business team.

“600 customers were able to come and buy plots. 30% of those customers already live here and we are seeing more coming to build, this area by next year will be fully occupied, ”said Kagedo.

The project offers a large number of social amenities making the lives of residents and occupants comfortable and rewarding.

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“It’s a shopping center, there is a school, a clubhouse, there is a play area for children, there is a dispensary in the area and then there is a jogging track where people can exercise in the morning. The atmosphere within the estate is ideal for any family, ”she said.

The serenity of the place is heavenly, Daykio being voluntary to guarantee the safety of the residents.

“In addition to the safety of social facilities was a key factor for Daykio to consider, securing the entire project with a perimeter wall and improving it with an electric fence. We have a high profile security company patrolling the area to make sure the residents living here sleep without fear, ”Kagedo said.

She added: “In any area the water is very critical and in Daykio Bustani we have very enough water, we have also walked the roads up to the tarmac level. We provided electricity, street lighting and the grounds look beautiful and make anyone want to live there.

The value of the project for investment is beyond doubt: while in 2014 a quarter acre went for Sh4 million, the same value was valued at Sh10 million in 2021, with the figure believed to generate better returns in coming years.

With a deposit of Sh3 million coupled with a 6 month payment plan, Daykio Bustani presents a perfect opportunity for a reliable investment plan.

Daykio has sold over the years land in Nairobi, Kiambu, Machakos and Kajiado counties as well as apartments and commercial developments.

“We continue to look for projects that enhance our clients’ investments and turn dreams into reality. Our heritage is built on trust and with Daykio you can buy, build and become, ”said Kagedo.

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