Egyptian property development companies appear to have tacitly agreed this year to include artists, celebrities and soccer players as the faces of their television campaigns during the holy month of Ramadan.

These companies have been keen to increase advertising for their projects and have invested millions in their advertising to develop their image.

This has been especially significant given the increase in viewership during Ramadan, as Egyptians congregate in front of TV screens for TV series. The novel coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), which has seen both closures and closures of varying degrees of stores, restaurants, parks, beaches and malls, has caused people to spend more time at home.

Daily News Egypt reviewed more than 15 property listings seen on Egyptian channels during Ramadan. Of these, 90% used celebrities to promote and market their projects.

Three years ago, some real estate companies were innovative in some of their campaigns, in an effort to gain the attention and interest of viewers. This year there has been a change, with the core of the ads highlighting the features of the project and praising the returns on investment.

Real estate marketing experts have agreed that all businesses are keen to create offers for their projects during Ramadan in order to benefit in one way or another. If they don’t increase sales during the holy month, they will at least be able to educate viewers about their plans and the company itself as a brand.

Kareem Mamoun, commercial director at Nile Developments, said most real estate companies are moving in the same direction using famous actors and footballers. All of this is aimed at grabbing the attention of viewers, without focusing on delivering distinguished or innovative ideas in their advertisements or products.

Mamoun explained that the same timing of the ads and their similarity makes them normal for customers and does not represent a good opportunity for the customer to rush into their buying decision.

He further noted that most companies, especially new ones, have launched TV campaigns to get a good percentage of sales in order to pay off some of their financial commitments, rather than focusing on their branding.

Amgd Helmy, senior real estate consultant at Hometown Developments, said these announcements are meant to build the company’s brand and market share, much like PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Vodafone, Orange and others. He clarified that these companies do not need these campaigns to make sales or to gain notoriety.

However, new companies are launching TV campaigns to sell their products mainly by highlighting offers and payment plans, Helmy added.

Ahmed Diab, Sales Director at SARI Real Estate, said TV commercials alone cannot affect the sales process. Indeed, before designing ads, any business must study its target customers and the products it offers. Therefore, the campaign can be an attractive factor for sales transactions.

Diab said these TV ads would be great material for social media campaigns, which are an integral part of the company’s overall campaign to market its products.

Therefore, real estate companies need to pay more attention to their TV campaigns, their audience and the targeted campaign results. This will then make them useful as a social media campaign, ensuring that they are also more effective in increasing the sales of the business.

Soad El Degheady, general manager of commercial sales at VOW Developments, believes that TV brand campaigns do not directly affect sales. However, while the sales team can move, use, and employ these campaigns for their impact on the sales process, the campaigns only increase the customer base by very few percentage points.

Meanwhile, Hassan Nasr, CEO and co-founder of El Nasr Real Estate, said ads during Ramadan indirectly influence sales. Indeed, the client is put in confidence in the project and receives a good image of the company and its financial solvency.

Nasr agreed with Diab, saying these ads could be very useful for social media campaigns as they help sellers reach their target broadly. When customers already know the business, the salesperson’s mission of convincing the customer with the product would be easier.

He clarified that advertisements are intended to display a product at an appropriate time and in a manner appropriate to achieve its purpose.

As for the impact of the advertisements on the sales process, it is referred to the salesperson to ensure that the campaign is well exploited, he concluded.



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