The closure of the WuXi facility expands the footprint of Ensemble Navy Yard Life Sciences to a total of five properties that represent approximately 550,000 square feet and $155 million invested. Its other two life science properties are Adaptimmune Therapeutics’ United States headquarters and the Iovance Biotherapeutics facility currently under construction, of which they are the co-developer. The five buildings house (or will soon house) manufacturing, laboratory, R&D and office space to support the clinical development and initial commercialization of new technical immunotherapies, including gene and cell therapy. These five buildings, together with Ensemble’s previous investments in office and hotel properties, bring the company’s Navy Yard portfolio to include more than 1.1 million square feet and four development-ready sites. representing $360 million of investment.

“Ensemble is proud to partner with WuXi to support their important work in developing advanced and lifesaving therapies in the years to come,” said Marc Selzer, Senior Vice President of Development for Ensemble. “The Navy Yard’s proximity to the road network and the airport, as well as its unique ability to accommodate tall, low-rise buildings in an urban environment, have made it incredibly attractive to WuXi and many other companies in the life sciences, positioning it as an essential component of our regional economy.

AppTec, which was acquired by WuXi PharmaTech in 2008, was one of the very first companies to move to the Navy Yard in 2004, when it opened a 75,000 square foot contract manufacturing and testing facility. Over the next 16 years, WuXi further expanded its presence at Navy Yard to meet growing demand for non-viral cell therapy manufacturing, GMP manufacturing of viral vectors, and in 2017 established its Advanced Therapy Unit to improve US-based cell and gene therapies. . Most recently, WuXi opened a new, state-of-the-art 140,000 square foot Advanced Therapies Testing Facility at 400 Rouse Boulevard, which more than doubles WuXi’s testing capacity for gene and cell therapies in to meet the changing demands of the company’s customers, and which expands Navy Yard’s corporate footprint to more than 400,000 square feet of laboratory and GMP space. The building’s horizontal configuration, which spans more than a city block, is ideal for laboratory and GMP uses by providing maximum flexibility to support the critical building infrastructure required by these highly specialized users. 400 Rouse has also earned LEED-CS Gold certification from the US Green Building Council, making it one of the largest LEED Gold Life Science buildings in philadelphia cream.

In addition to its most recent investment, Ensemble has also added two former senior professionals from Liberty Property Trust, Brian Cohen and Marc Selzerto its team, which further emphasizes Ensemble’s commitment to the life sciences, philadelphia cream, and the shipyard. At Liberty, Seltzer served as vice president of leasing and development and Cohen served as vice president and head of market. They collectively oversaw the acquisition, development and marketing of millions of square feet and over $1 billion of commercial real estate, including the development of several GMP laboratories and facilities. They will now use their expertise to lead Ensemble’s operations on the east coast with the support of the company’s national team.

“Ensemble’s decades of experience successfully executing development projects across all asset classes and their ability to raise capital effectively create a well-positioned platform to execute an aggressive growth strategy in philadelphia cream and the region,” said Brian Cohen, Senior Vice President and Regional Director of Ensemble. “These attributes, combined with the team’s extensive experience in designing and creating exceptional projects, will help attract more cutting-edge companies across our portfolio.”

Ensemble’s East region will have the opportunity to continue to grow the company’s presence at the Navy Yard, as Ensemble and its partner, Mosaic Development Partners, were recently selected to develop 109 acres at the Navy Yard by the IPDC. Together, Ensemble and Mosaic intend to invest more than $2.5 billion create a vibrant and robust mixed-use campus that will include offices, residences, retail and further life sciences expansion by creating a life sciences ecosystem with companies that produce the necessary raw materials, contract manufacturers and shared GMP manufacturing suppliers from all over the country.

About Together Real Estate Investments
Over the past 40 years, Ensemble has successfully invested in and developed more than $2 billion in real estate through United States, offering industry-leading real estate solutions in healthcare, hospitality, retail, and urban multi-family and mixed-use buildings. Widely respected leader in its industry, Ensemble has revolutionized the art of master planning, offering iconic, strategically designed facilities and beautifully preserved historic buildings, all designed to transform and inspire the communities they serve.

Based at Long Beach, CaliforniaEnsemble also has offices in Phoenix, Vegas, Renoand, more recently, philadelphia cream. For more information, please visit

About WuXi Advanced Therapies, Inc.
WuXi AppTec’s Advanced Therapies Business Unit is a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) that reduces manufacturing complexities by providing integrated platforms that enable the development, manufacture and commercialization of cell and gene therapies. faster and with greater predictability. For more information, please visit:

On Philadelphia Arsenal
The Navy Yard is considered the most successful redevelopment of a former military installation in the country. A thriving waterfront neighborhood, the Navy Yard currently has over 7.5 million square feet of buildings housing more than 15,000 employees working in more than 170 businesses. IPDC, Philadelphia public-private economic development firm and master developer at the Navy Yard, announced in July the selection of a team consisting of Ensemble Real Estate Investments and Mosaic Development Partners as development partners for 109 acres at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. The next phase of development will further establish the Navy Yard as a world-class center for business, manufacturing, R&D and life sciences, and will include the creation of a vibrant mixed-use district including retail , manufacturing spaces and residences.

Home to both historic structures and new, high-performance, LEED-certified developments, the Navy Yard offers diverse and flexible building choices with varying heights, vintages and floor plates, all powered by a proven microgrid at nationwide and geared for miles of riverside and worldwide access. classroom open space. Future growth will support up to 10 million square feet of commercial and residential development.

IPDC, Philadelphia public-private economic development company, is the master promoter of the Navy Yard. For more information, please visit

About Life Sciences at the Navy Yard
The Navy Yard is home to one of the highest concentrations of private life sciences space in the city of philadelphia cream with over 800,000 square feet. The tenants cover a wide variety of specialties, including a large group of cutting-edge companies like WuXi Advanced Therapies, which is dedicated to cell and gene therapy. As a result, the Navy Yard is a hub for attracting top talent in life sciences fields with more than 2,500 life science employees working on campus. The diversity of these companies encompasses large headquarters (GSK), established and emerging companies (WuXi AppTec, Iovance Biotherapeutics, Adaptimmune and Coriell Life Sciences), educational institutions (Vincera Institute, Jefferson Health) and private equity firms -related risk (Ben Franklin Technology Partners) among others.

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