Egypt – The number of visitors to the electronic platform has exceeded one million and is expected to exceed five million within 100 days.

Eshtri Aqar has contracts with over 120 property developers to promote over 400 residential and commercial projects on the site.

Through the platform, developers can showcase units of all kinds and sell them to customers online without the need for intermediaries. The site allows customers to compare units, book what suits them, and pay the amount of the reservation.

Hesham El-Ganayni, managing director of the company, said the process of buying property has become very complicated, especially for Egyptians and foreigners residing abroad.

He added that anyone wishing to buy a property faces many difficulties due to the lack of correct data and information. Hence the idea of ​​launching a platform specializing in the display and sale of real estate.

Regarding the platform’s expansion plan, El-Ganayni said that Eshtri Aqar has an expansion plan in the coming period aimed at attracting more developers and clients to develop the Egyptian real estate market in accordance with the vision and efforts of the Egyptian government to establish new cities that meet the needs of the country’s high population density.

“We also aim to develop the real estate market and open the door to the export of real estate, which is an important foreign exchange resource for Egypt, by focusing the platform’s marketing campaign on foreigners and Egyptians. residing abroad,” he added.

He explained that the platform helps customers find residential, administrative, commercial or hotel units that suit them. It is also an innovative tool that helps the property developer increase sales by making online reservations and payments available to all potential customers inside and outside Egypt.

In light of the challenges facing both buyer and developer; Eshtri Aqar facilitates various issues, as it gives users the freedom to move between projects of different developers and make the most suitable decision for them, without any pressure from sellers and brokers.

Anyone wishing to own a property can enter the platform and choose the unit that suits them in terms of type, price, location, space, internal division, payment system and date of receipt. Users can also compare the unit with other units, book it and pay large amount through various means.

Customers can make a purchase on the Website in three ways:

First, customers can browse through a variety of units, compare them, reserve the unit they liked, and pay the amount to prove their seriousness in reserving the unit, without any intervention from developer representatives.

Secondly, the customer can browse the units, ask for help from one of the specialist property developers’ representatives and book with their help.

Third, customers can request the assistance of the digital assistant (Chatbot) and inquire about the required information and then make a reservation directly using the chatbot.

In partnership with the National Bank of Egypt (NBE), Bank Misr and Fawry, customers can choose the real estate unit and pay the reservation amount securely through their electronic payment gateway.

The Eshtri Aqar platform covers new urban communities across the country, such as: Administrative Capital, New Cairo, Katameya, Sheikh Zayed, 6th of October City, Red Sea Cities, Galala City, from New Alamein and the North Shore resorts.

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