Collaborative marketing platform (CMP) provider Evocalize has introduced a new digital recruiting tool for real estate brokers and agents, the company said. The product adds to the collection of “plans” that Evocalize offers to help businesses automate digital campaigns.

The new plan is already garnering praise from Exit Realtors. The latter has enabled its 550 local brokers and 20,000 agents across the country to use the new model to activate marketing programs to recruit agents on the Google Display Network.

“Giving our agents the ability to quickly and easily create and activate agent-focused ads in Google will be essential in helping them find the best talent in their markets,” said Samantha Morris, vice president from Exit Realty Marketing, in a press release. .

Evocalize’s plans have attracted clients with multiple locations and / or franchisees across multiple industries, including real estate, mortgage, wealth management and insurance. Exit Realty has been using various Evocalize plans since 2019. One plan allows agents to promote a list of homes to potential buyers on Facebook, Evocalize explains on its website. Another allows agents to promote a new home sale to other potential sellers in the area.

The first reviews of the new Exit Realty plan are positive. “For as little as a few hundred dollars per month, we have had agents capable of recruiting multiple employees per month, which is exponentially better than our previous recruiting methods,” Morris said.



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