Diversifying his business portfolio, former local car wash owner Jay Montpetit just paid $5.2 million for the building leased by Duffy’s Sports Grill at 627 Cape Coral Parkway in Cape Coral.

Duffy’s will continue to operate there as usual, Montpetit said. “We’re basically going to be the owner,” he said. “It’s a great place. Duffy’s was a big business there. They have 34 locations, and I was told this was in their top three or four locations.

Last year, Montpetit sold its five Downtowner car washes to national chain Mister Car Wash, along with two vacant lots slated for car washes. The son of a Minnesota car wash owner, Montpetit, 71, had built his own brand of car wash after moving part-time to Cape Coral more than 20 years ago.

“We bought our first car wash in 2006 on Del Prado,” Montpetit said. “We expanded the car washes from there. We became full time residents in 2016. I never wanted to play that six month and a day game. I wanted to be here full time.

Montpetit had been in the car wash business since 1982. In 2016, he sold his last location in Minnesota, one that had 160 employees.

Now that he is no longer in the car wash business, Montpetit still wants to invest in his home community. “I’m a big supporter of Cape Coral,” he said. “I have always been.”

So Montpetit will be doing other things in Cape Town, he said, but he won’t disclose his specific plans until later. “I have two or three other things planned.”

One of those things doesn’t seem to be retirement. “I like to move,” Montpetit said. “It allows me to run everywhere.”

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