Finally, there is positive news for the people as the government lifts Covid-related restrictions and lockdowns, ultimately leading to open markets. It is in broad daylight that the pandemic has had a devastating effect on various sectors and real estate is no exception. However, now, 2 years later, as normality returns, the sector is expected to experience a northward surge and demand for commercial land, apartments, residential land and other properties is on the rise due to factors such as a major push by the ruling dispensation to make housing affordable and with programs such as “Housing for All”. However, when you are planning to buy your dream property, you are likely to encounter a plethora of problems such as finding a quality architectural service provider, construction related issues or finalizing a interior designer and these things require a lot of tiring effort. Addressing all these concerns and offering many smart and efficient solutions under one roof, TAS World is becoming one of the leading real estate developers in India.

Founded in 2014 by entrepreneurial brother duo Ankit Sachdeva and Anmol Sachdeva, TAS World is a multidisciplinary company based in the nation’s capital. With a dedicated and experienced professional team of architects, interior designers and civil engineers, they provide their clients with complete end-to-end real estate project management solutions. Unlike other real estate consultants and developers, they cater to various verticals such as architectural services, project management services, interior design services, structural design services, real estate consulting services , real estate development services. Whether it’s helping you find your dream home or helping you meticulously design it to your liking, providing you with both luxury and comfort, keeping your budget in mind while helping you through every detail, TAS World does it all for you.

Chances are that when you decide to buy your dream home, you need architectural services, interior designers, and project managers that could be hectic. Moreover, it is also possible that you are not in sync with the builder or that you do not like the design that your interior designer considers the best. These are not mere possibilities these days, they are a reality, especially if you are very picky about the smallest details. This is where TAS World comes to your rescue and provides you with hassle-free services and eliminates all your worries. For the convenience of their customers, they also provide separate services for different stages and departments, making it easier for you. One of the unique specialties that sets them apart from other players in this ever-changing competitive landscape is that when designing packaging solutions for their customers, they keep in mind aspects such as style, ergonomics, functional performance, manufacturing efficiency and durability.

TAS World was launched with a vision to create unique, innovative and top-notch designs that will delight customers and provide affordable greatness for everyone. Speaking in more detail about the mission and purpose of starting TAS World, co-founders Anmol Sachdeva and Ankit Sachdeva said, “Our passion for creating unique, world-class design is what inspired us and motivated to start TAS World. We strive to provide luxury, comfortable and affordable real estate properties. Our goal is to create a brand where every user gets a hassle-free experience from finding a home to designing and building it into a luxurious home that is affordable for them all over India.

TAS World, in charge of an in-house team for every aspect, as well as more than 10 years of experience in the field and thanks to its exceptional services, managed to put a smile on the faces of more than 180 customers. TAS World, for its expansion and brand growth, has planned to recruit around 100 people by 2023 and open 5 more offices in some of the metropolitan cities of India. With unique, innovative and numerous real estate related solutions under one umbrella, TAS World has truly become a one stop solution for project management and is the next big thing in the real estate industry.

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