In design and home life, green continues to gain momentum, and it can be a lucrative niche for real estate agents. Beyond the benefits of making homes more sustainable and reducing our footprint on the world, new designs and growing demand are driving green technology, in some cases cheaper than traditional methods. Now green is an advantage on even more levels than before. This, combined with other benefits, makes “green” more attractive than ever.

Here’s a look at what’s new and improving when it comes to greening.

smart homes
Smart homes are becoming the norm in both home renovations and new construction. Voice and app-led commands let you schedule indoor and outdoor lighting as well as heating, cooling, watering and washing, letting you take advantage of off-peak hours and control energy usage. electricity when you are out of town. Even items like self-closing curtains and umbrellas help make our lives more comfortable and cost-effective in the long run.

Deconstructed design
Not to be confused with Deconstructivism (asymmetrical architecture and design), deconstruction is a concept that uses recycled raw materials. This new trend is moving towards more authentic and natural materials such as exposed wood, metal and brick. It’s an exposed no-build style reminiscent of Frank Gehry in the 90s, but with a more refined and greener edge thanks to the focus on reuse, salvage and donated materials. And by mixing more green materials such as fast growing bambooyou can even add “newer” natural materials to the mix.

Better energy production and storage
Smart technology makes life easier, cleaner and cheaper. More efficient batteries make storing electricity more efficient, while microgrids allow you to use and buy electricity from off-grid sources, making it easier than ever to use electricity. cleaner energy. In addition, solar technology, and the sales advantages they provide, make electricity cheaper and cheaper for you as a homeowner. Although it requires an upfront investment, the continued trend of solar technology makes it equal to and even cheaper than traditional energy, ensuring it pays for itself and more.

Prefab Home Designs
The focus on modular style prefab houses continues, offering many advantages. Prefab homes are produced in enclosed environments away from the elements which keep production times reliable and prevent materials from being damaged by the weather. And the increased focus on computerized cutting and standardized sizing allows for maximum material utilization, resulting in less waste. Since the designs are made to be shipped, special attention is paid to durable construction. And with an increased focus on freight container shipping in the design, there is less container waste in the environment as well as the increased durability these containers provide.

Small additions to the home
These houses have advantages such as less materials, less energy and less waste than traditional houses, making it easy for you to create zero environmental impact. They function well beyond everyday life and function perfectly as vacation chalets, guest rooms, pool house and home offices. And one of attractions of tiny houses is their ability to avoid permanent bases that allow them to retain a portability designation for financial savings.

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