Real Estate Lead Generation Platform CINC makes use of Whole story to reduce churn and increase conversions through its mobile app.

CINC, part of Fidelity National Financial, offers apps for real estate professionals to connect with clients. The company turned to FullStory’s digital experience intelligence as part of an ongoing effort to track issues more effectively, says Josh Lowe, product manager at CINC. “We want to see what the pain points are for our customers, our consumers, and make smart decisions to address them and grow better for the future,” he says.

CINC’s apps include one to find homes for customers, an app to capture foot traffic at open houses, and an app for customer relationship management. Such resources can help support the real estate sector in lean times. “Realtors are under attack in our space,” says Jamie Quenzer, vice president of marketing and sales operations at CINC. She says her company works with agents using technology that can help agents grow further and maintain their income.

When CINC started, says product manager Heriberto “Eddie” Rodriguez, the company had a small group working for its front line of support and service. “As your customer base starts to grow, it’s very, very impactful to be able to see and resolve issues in real time,” he says.

Using FullStory provides the ability to see issues while discussing them with users, Rodriguez says. This kind of responsiveness can lead to stickiness, he says, which can be vital for customer retention. “A lot of companies do what we do,” he says. “There are a lot of real estate technology companies.”

According to Rodriguez, the information provided by FullStory also exceeded that CINC obtained from Google Analytics. “You can’t really tell what your users are doing just by looking at page views, unique events, and bounce rates.”

Today, CINC uses FullStory as part of its mission to generate return on investment for its customers, says Jeff Walker, Vice President of Products at CINC. He oversees the product strategy and process teams used to capture metrics and understand product performance. “We are in charge of our clients’ digital ad spend,” says Walker. These expenses should turn into sales opportunities for real estate agents.

Conversion oriented

“We are extremely focused on conversion,” he says. “We are very focused on driving the highest conversion from visitor to appointment.” System data tells what’s happening, says Walker, showing conversion and bounce rates, but using FullStory explains why such actions happen, giving CINC the ability to focus on behavior to see what which might have triggered the response, whether it might be a usability issue or a misunderstanding of a page’s function. “You can see where they are starting to have problems and that guides us to what we need to do to fix it,” he says.

CINC also uses FullStory as part of its A/B testing, Walker says.

The company used FullStory from a support perspective before expanding its use, Lowe says, to take another look at CINC’s products, including the consumer and agent sides of those experiences. “We needed analytics for all of those things,” he says. Including FullStory in the test equation was a key development, says Lowe. “In the past, we didn’t have the tools and the knowledge to really test different variations of things and see which was the right thing to do.”

He says that using FullStory has helped CINC increase some conversion rates by 10% or even 20%. FullStory also offered app-specific metrics that Lowe says he can’t get directly from Apple or Google. “Now I can see the full picture of what is happening.”

As CINC launches new products and adds new features to its site, Walker says some performance is expected. FullStory is part of observing user behavior with these new products, giving CINC the ability to see if users deviate from an intended activity, make corrections, and then run it again. “Without FullStory, we wouldn’t know the full story of what’s happening on the site,” he says. “We would only see the data and so it would be more shooting in the dark.”

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