If you’re a savvy realtor, you know that generating leads is one of the keys to success in this industry. But with so many savvy agents in the market, the competition is fierce and it’s not easy to generate enough leads.

Fortunately, there are plenty immovable lead generation methods to help agents stand out. In this article, we’ll look at some of the best lead generation methods for real estate agents in 2022.

1. Build their sphere of influence

Not all leads are created equal. Have a wide sphere of influence means agents can more easily generate new leads and help more buyers feel comfortable with the process.

For example, if a buyer wants to move into a specific area, they can also search for real estate agents who work in their price range and those who work nearby. This helps your agent expand their sphere of influence by allowing them to serve customers on both sides of the purchase transaction.

2. Post frequently on social media

How Savvy Real Estate Agents Are Generating Leads in 2022

As social media becomes a bigger part of everyday life, real estate agents need to expand their marketing strategy to include it. Some of the major social media platforms are Facebook and Instagram, but you should also consider Twitter and Pinterest, which are especially popular with younger generations.

You can establish your authority as a real estate agent by regularly posting on social media and sharing interesting content. This way, you can build a loyal following that will stay engaged with your brand in the future. One way to effectively post about your services is to use images.

If you have professional photos of your ads, post them as part of a creative Instagram campaign. You can also use other methods like quotes, emojis, and hashtags to engage your social media audience.

3. Host webinars

A hot trend that is becoming increasingly popular in the real estate industry is hosting free webinars to help educate your audience. Webinars are great for real estate agents because they allow people to feel comfortable asking questions and learning more about the process.

If you host marketing webinars, you can drive traffic by posting ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. It would be helpful if you also consider sending traffic through email campaigns and paid social media ads. Your webinar topics should include tips for buying a home, where you can find the best mortgage rates, how to make an offer on a property, and more.

4. Send real estate postcards

How Savvy Real Estate Agents Are Generating Leads in 2022

Postcard marketing is another popular way for real estate agents to generate leads. To send postcards, you need a good postcard design, easy sending options, and enough space on the postcard for your message and contact information.

Real estate postcards can be a great way to generate leads because they give people the opportunity to learn more about your business and services. The best part is that you can also use them offline by placing them in homes, mailboxes, and local establishments like cafes.

Whether you’re sending postcards through regular mail or through email marketing campaigns, it’s a great way to generate more leads and maintain a strong brand.

Benefits of sending real estate postcards

1. Good return on investment

Postcards are a cost-effective way to reach your audience and give them the opportunity to contact you. The best part is that they are inexpensive yet effective.

2. Create brand recognition

When you send postcards to people in your area, you are creating brand recognition because the first thing they will see is your name and information. In the real estate industry, brand recognition is essential so prospects can easily find your contact information when they’re ready to buy or sell a home.

3. Offer multiple contact methods

On each postcard, give people the option to contact you by phone or email. This saves them time and makes the process of getting in touch easier.

4. Let people discover your services

A postcard is a great way to introduce your brand to people who have never heard of you. Not only does this give them information about your business, but it also allows them to learn about the services you offer. This helps build credibility and makes it easier for people to find out what you do as a real estate agent.

How Savvy Real Estate Agents Are Generating Leads in 2022

5. Create a sense of community

People are more likely to take action when they feel part of a community. That’s why it’s important to give people a way to communicate with you through postcards.

Whether you send them as part of your social media marketing efforts or during your marketing webinars, it will let people know that you want to build a relationship with them.

6. Make more effective decisions

When people receive a postcard, they only see the information on it after they decide to contact you. This means the postcard creates engagement where people are more open to hearing from you. This makes them more likely to buy from you because they are already engaged with your business.

5. Participation in network events

Many real estate agents don’t realize how much they could earn by attending events. Networking is a great way to get ahead in this industry, and you can use it to get both referrals and leads.

Real estate agents can attend networking events like trade shows or realtor conferences, which are great opportunities to meet new clients and make new contacts. It would be helpful if you also consider attending industry trade shows where you can connect with other professionals in the real estate industry.


Real estate is a competitive industry that takes networking and a well-rounded brand strategy moving forward. By following the tips in this guide, you can build a memorable and trustworthy brand. You can win more customers by improving your connection skills and using technology strategically.

By creating a consistent social media presence, you can increase your business’s visibility and make it easier to generate leads. You need to continually contact new people by sending postcards and attending networking events. By making these changes, you will create a well-known real estate brand that will generate more leads for your business.


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