New York, NY, April 04, 2022 –(– Traditional loans can take a long time to be approved and have no guarantee of approval. To overcome this problem, Insula Capital Group offers fast approval on private finance and hard money loans. Based in Farmingville, NY, it is a private money lending and real estate investment company. It offers short-term bridging loans to businesses and investment property loans to investors and developers. They have simplified the process of obtaining qualifications for investors, regardless of their credit ratings. The Insula Capital Group team aims to respond quickly to clients after filling out a simple form. Their motto is “Private Loan Done Well”.

Hard Money Loans are short term loans offered by Insula Capital Group for construction related projects and real estate investments. Unlike the serious inquiries banks do on credit checks, they allow investors to prequalify for hard money loans. The process takes a few days, while conventional funding methods can take at least a month to two months. They have tried to keep the process simple in completing the application. The form requires personal information, the purpose of the loan, the type of property and the target closing date of the property. Additionally, they ask for their client’s budget, purchase price of the property, and estimated value after completion. After getting these details, they come back to the investors and let them quickly pre-qualify for hard money loans.

Speaking about why hard money loans are a better choice than conventional loans for property investment, a representative said: “Here at Insula Capital Group, we know exactly how difficult the process of getting loans is painful. Investors give their immaculate credit history and portfolio diversity and always end up being rejected for these loans. After strong underwriting and expert management, we have facilitated the pre-qualification process for different loan programs, such as hard money lending. After providing a few details, investors easily prequalify and can get started building a better financial future.”

They further added, “Our experienced professionals are here to ensure investors close deals quickly and have more opportunities to diversify their portfolios.”

Insula Capital Group offers a wide range of real estate investment and financing options as well as hard money loan refinancing. Investors can pre-qualify quickly and start their projects faster. This leads to a diversified portfolio with low cost capital in short term loans at competitive rates.

About the company
Insula Capital Group is one of New York’s leading private investment firms. They offer different types of loans to investors. Insula Capital Group offers real estate investors secure and fast loan solutions with easy prequalification. They offer commercial and residential loans with no hidden fees. Their services include home loans, fixed and reversible loans, hard money construction loans, and more.

Contact information
Address: 627 Horseblock Road, Farmingville, New York 11738
Phone number: 833-319-3517
Email: [email protected]


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