Kiavi’s bridging or fix-and-flip loans facilitate the purchase and rehabilitation of investment properties with flexible short-term financing and Kiavi’s rental loans facilitate investment in rental properties with financing options at long term. New markets provide opportunities for REIs to expand and evolve their business.


According to the Birmingham Business Journal, from Alabama business climate is ranked among the best in the country, with the median home value being considerably lower than the national average. Other highlights on from Alabama housing market include:

  • Median rent in Alabama increased 12.1% in last year.
  • The motive is the sixth best city to move house in America because of its strong market potential, low renovation costs and high quality of life.
  • Huntsville, Alabama third largest city, has a younger population compared to the national average, which is an excellent indicator for the future of the market. With a median rent of $1,000 and being listed as the 18th best city to flip homes in the country, it’s a great market to invest in.
  • Ranking Birmingham, Alabama as one of the best 25 housing markets for 2022 with combined sales and price growth of 13.7%.


Arkansas is the second most affordable condition live. Its diverse population, robust economy and natural beauty make it a attractive destination. Highlights on the best markets to invest in Arkansas to understand:

  • small stone is one of the main markets for Arkansas ranking as the 22 best cities return houses.
  • Bentonville, ARexpect to see a 24% price increase in homes over the next three years.


The Wisconsin real estate market continues to grow. In 2021, the median value of a single-family residential property experienced a increase of about 34%. Due to improving economic indicators and a lack of existing inventory, supply and demand fundamentals have driven prices up for nearly a decade. Some key facts about the Wisconsin housing market include:

  • Milwaukee is the the third most densely Populated metropolitan area in the Midwest, just behind Chicago and Detroit. The real estate market of Milwaukee has been described as an unstoppable force.
  • Waiting lists to rent are not unusual, with tenant-occupied housing accounting for 56% of the total number of occupied housing units in the metro area.

Kiavi’s expansion into Alabama, Arkansas and Wisconsin closely follows his entered Indiana and Kansas This year. Kiavi now operates in 32 states and washington d.c.

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Kiavi is using the power of data and technology to bring real estate investor lending into the digital age. Through Kiavi’s digital platform, real estate investors are able to make smarter decisions, access financing faster and grow their business. Founded in 2013, Kiavi, formerly known as LendingHome, has become one of the largest lenders to real estate investors in United States. The company is committed to helping its customers revitalize approximately 25 trillion dollars of aging housing stock in the United States and provide move-in ready homes and rental accommodations to millions of Americans1 Across the country. For more information, visit www.kiavi.comand follow us on Twitter. NMLS ID #1125207

1We define older housing stock as homes that are more than 30 years old from the date of original construction. US Census Bureau, US Housing Survey, 2019

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