Expansion targets high-growth markets with aging housing stock

SAN FRANCISCO, March 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Kiavia leading provider of real estate investor (REI) financing today announced that it is expanding its products to two new states: Indiana and Kansas. The company will now offer its bridge and rental loan products in these states, which have become important markets for real estate investment.

“Kiavi is on a mission to improve lives through real estate. We are excited to support real estate investors and our customers in two more states, helping them rehabilitate neighborhoods in those markets,” said Michael Bourque, CEO of Kiavi. “Both states have particularly strong rental markets, with 45% of all occupied homes in Indianapolis and 36% of all occupied dwellings land park are rental properties. With our technology platform, access to funding, and ability to close quickly, I am confident that REIs and our existing clients expanding their portfolios in these two states can make smarter decisions and unleash the real potential of their real estate investments. »

House values ​​in Wichita seen an increase of 12.6% over last year. East Indianapolis class as the fourth-best housing market positioned for growth in 2022, where home sales are expected to rise nearly 15% while prices are expected to rise 5.5%. Foreign investors focus on Indianabecause real estate is relatively affordable and potential returns are higher.

Kiavi’s bridge or fix-and-flip loans offer flexible short-term financing for the purchase and rehabilitation of investment properties. Kiavi Rental Loans provide long-term financing options for REIs to reap the benefits of property appreciation and rental income.

“Kiavi’s entry into the Kansas and Indiana The markets will be a major asset for real estate investors who will impact communities through local home improvement projects. Kiavi’s level of operations and exposure are invaluable, giving investors a head start when expanding their portfolio into new markets. Kiavi’s role as a lender and strategic partner has been essential in helping us grow our business nationally. We are delighted to extend our relationship to Indiana with Kiavi’s data and innovative technology to help and fund our transactions in multiple markets,” said Adam Lambert, Manager, Simple House Buyers. Lambert has been a Kiavi customer since 2017.

Solid capital, low rates and flexible financing solutions from Kiavi allow REIs to confidently maximize returns and focus on growing their business.

For more information: https://www.kiavi.com/in-ks

About Kiavi

Kiavi is using the power of data and technology to bring real estate investor lending into the digital age. Through Kiavi’s digital platform, real estate investors are able to make smarter decisions, access financing faster and grow their business. Founded in 2013, Kiavi, formerly known as LendingHome, has become one of the largest lenders to real estate investors in United States. The company is committed to helping its customers revitalize approximately 25 trillion dollars of aging housing stock in the United States and provide move-in ready homes and rental accommodations to millions of Americans1 Across the country. For more information, visit www.kiavi.comand follow us on Twitter. NMLS ID #1125207

1 We define older housing stock as homes that are more than 30 years old from the date of original construction. US Census Bureau, US Housing Survey, 2019.

SOURCE Kiavi inc.


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