Gayland Panko and Trevor McPherson have known each other for about four years and first knew each other as competitors.

After careful consideration and initially cautious collaboration, they realized that the business would be better for themselves and their clients if they joined forces to create the real estate team of Panko & Associates.

Gayland was born and raised in Moose Jaw. After a successful career as a cattle breeder, he retired and began investing in real estate across Canada and the United States.

“(Being a real estate agent) was originally meant to be a hobby,” he says.

He has been a licensed real estate agent for two years now. It was “just logical” for him to begin helping his many contacts with the buying and selling of commercial, agricultural and ranch properties because, as an investor who believes in thorough research, there were properties. and leases that might make sense to someone else even if they didn’t make sense to him.

Trevor is originally from Regina, has lived in Saskatoon for eight years and has lived in Moose Jaw since 2009.

“I’m here in Moose Jaw now,” he says firmly, “I don’t travel anymore. “

A well-known professional golfer who has been a full-time real estate agent since 2015, Trevor focuses his real estate interests in residential and commercial properties. He also obtained his broker’s license in April 2021, bringing another level of real estate expertise to what he and Gayland are able to tap into. Partners are satisfied with how their corresponding strengths and interests add up.

“In real estate,” says Gayland, “clients benefit from agents in contact with each other.”

This allows each respective buyer or seller to find the right property for them.

“Our goal is to create an atmosphere in our office with a collaborative solution-based approach. Trevor and I work as a team, we meet and work together to find space for our clients and connect buyers and sellers.

McPherson and Panko were immediately confused about their affiliation with Royal LePage Regina Realty.

Gayland says, “I continue to encounter confusion about this, just potential clients noticing the name and assuming we are based in Regina. Trevor ironically agrees, stating, “With real estate regulations, you have to be registered and affiliated with a brokerage to practice real estate.” “

Since Trevor is licensed as a broker, they could have started their own brokerage, but as he puts it, “the economics… didn’t make sense. He explains that with today’s cloud real estate market, they could have worked under the auspices of virtually any brokerage in the province and chose Royal LePage Regina after “a lot of due diligence.”

They both want to assure potential customers that they are local Moose Jaw agents. “We work and live here,” they agree, “we are a Moose Jaw company”.
When asked if they have any advice for those in need of a real estate agent, they are unambiguous. “You should interview agents, shop. Trevor says, “Our advice is free and we’re happy to chat, so give us a call.”

Gayland expresses that: “You should choose your agent based on who you get along with and who you trust, maybe you have a history with them or maybe it’s someone you know. “

Trevor responds, “I said to people, ‘Maybe another agent would be better able to help you? But for both of us, the goal is to help our clients achieve their goals.



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