Marketer is good at executing your marketing plan, helping you reach the people you think will best serve your business plan. The Norway-based company plans to visit the United States.

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Marketer is a real estate marketing automation technology and services company.

Platforms: Browser, suitable for mobile devices

Ideal for: Large brokerage houses and offices, franchises and real estate developers

Main selling points:

  • CRM integration for list data
  • Automated Facebook Ads Creation
  • Google advertising
  • Promotions from after-sales agents
  • Vendor reporting tools

Main concern:

Based in Norway, the company is well recognized in Europe and will travel to the United States in 2022. However, until a full national presence is established, the United States-based service could present challenges.

What you should know

Automation is all the rage in proptech today. When this is done at the expense of agents who gain valuable expertise on how to sell or generally understand the business, I see it as a downside.

However, when it comes to marketing tasks and the tactical end of marketing and lead generation, this has tremendous value.

Marketer is good at executing your marketing plan, helping you reach the people you think will best serve your business plan. This is who you call when you know what needs to be done.

In the demo, a company representative told me that their mission was to present “… the right property to the right people at the right time.” They do this through retargeting of social media and online display campaigns, Google ads, and real estate websites, among other tactics.

The company pulls list data for outreach campaigns by connecting to your current CRM or any other tool used to track lists. He then creates individual, FHA-compliant personas for each property entering the market. A “persona” is a universal marketing term used to describe the ideal target for a product.

In this case, Marketer will make sure that a luxury ad in a specific zip code is exposed to an audience of luxury buyers looking for that zip code. And they can also be more nuanced than that, delving into area or community name, assuming the data is available.

The company uses predictive modeling – a polysyllabic way of saying it generates a lot of data to ensure targeting accuracy. The intention here is to find better quality leads, whereas standard and widely targeted marketing tends to pick up those who are not as adept at buying.

Advertising campaigns are served on Facebook and Instagram, as well as on Google and in the media and the media, similar to what Adwerx and other advertising providers offer.

The live results of each ad broadcast are tracked in a main dashboard. These statistics can be further distilled into vendor reports. I think the campaign report tools would be a good fodder for list presentations.

Marketer automations can deploy real estate websites to expand the sales funnel, with chat windows to engage potential leads and convey favorable conversations to the real agent.

The backend does more than track what you are doing. It offers ways to act on specific properties and its lead management module can sync back and forth with an existing CRM, meaning that leads and activity updates collected in Marketer campaigns can be transferred to your legacy solution.

Something else that stands out at Marketer? The price. New customers get a three-month free trial, which is sort of necessary to determine how well an office is able to drive adoption. No software publisher wants to waste time with a poorly equipped client.

Implementation and configuration is free, and the company assigns a full-time project manager and success representative to help with long-term integration and use challenges.

I have little doubt that Marketer will find success here in the United States. I would probably rank it a little higher if it already was. Still, I feel like there is more to come from this business.

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Craig C. Rowe started out in commercial real estate on the cusp of the dot-com boom, helping a range of commercial real estate companies build their online presence and analyze internal software decisions. He now helps agents make technology and marketing decisions by reviewing software and technology for Inman.



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