Most people start their real estate research online, so it’s no surprise that the vast majority of agents embrace technological tools that can help them market their listings and close deals.

According to the National Association of Realtors’ Real Estate in a Digital Age 2021 report, 41% of over 6,000 executives and senior executives say one of the biggest issues they’ll face over the next two years is keeping up with all the new technology that has become essential to the way they do business.

The report, which looked at how technology is used in the real estate industry, found that despite the headaches, most real estate agents can’t get enough of the technology. In fact, most want more. Some of the more desirable tech tools that most brokerages don’t currently offer include cybersecurity tools, followed by lead generation and electronic notary services.

The survey also looked at the most popular tools currently in use, finding that residential and commercial real estate companies strongly encourage their agents to use tools for electronic signatures, market benchmarking, electronic contracts and forms, and systems. multiple registration. MLS software is arguably the most widely used technology, with 61% of agents reporting using it daily, compared to just 39% who use electronic form and contract software every day.

Besides software tools, the other type of technology regularly used by real estate agents is social media. It is mainly used for marketing purposes, and almost 60% of real estate companies say they now have guidelines for agents on how to use social media platforms.

Realtors say social media is one of the most useful tools for acquiring new leads. The most popular social network is Facebook, used by 90% of all agents surveyed, followed by Instagram with 52%, LinkedIn with 48%, YouTube with 24% and Twitter, used by 19% of agents.

Agents said they were using social media to promote new ads, nurture relationships with existing customers and find new prospects, according to the report.



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