September 10: Pitra Paksha is considered one of the most important auspicious ceremonies in Hindu culture for performing the rite of deceased ancestors as a peace offering to their ancestors.

Pitru Paksha, also known as Tarpana or Shraddha, falls in the second fortnight (Paksha) of the 10 lunar month of Bhadrapada or September, which follows the fortnight of Ganesha Utsav.

In previous years it was a hypothetical belief that the shraddha period is the ceremonial period of groaning where the purchase of new accessories, gold, financial assets or property is very neglected and inauspicious and is therefore followed by many Hindus. But now, after many years, the analysis tells a different story.

The story behind Shradhha according to Hindu scripture is Rishi Atri – one of Lord Brahma’s sons was the first person to decipher this ritual as devised by Lord Brahma himself, to his son Nimi Rishi. In fact, the Shraddha performed by Goddess Sita gave moksha (freed from the cycle of rebirth) to Dashratha (father of lord Ram). Not only that, shradhha is a mandate for all Hindus.

“At the time, people thought it was not the right time to invest, because it is the fortnight of groans. Although, after many years now, people have started to realize that this ceremony is not up to moans but a great chance to offer their ancestors Moksha and peace by performing rituals during the period, such as offering food to the needy (Charity), Brahmins (Brahma-Bhoj), Gau Daan (charity of cows/for cows) and special Pooja/Yagya/Hawan, as thanks. Not only that, but it is also believed that during this period, the ancestors and ancestors of the living visit the present generation to rain down prosperity and blessings. said Sachin Arora, real estate entrepreneur and director of Investors Clinic Infratech Private Limited.

Sachin continued: “This change has brought enormous significance to the real estate market. For two three years, people are full to invest in the real estate sector.

In the field, a few generations ago, to show gratitude to the ancestor, the entire Hindu society mutually decided to spend this full period of 15 days, to show gratitude to the ancestors and not to practice any other activity (to excluding subsistence activities) like not performing another pooja (excluding shraddha poojan), holding any social gathering like wedding, celebrations even not going out to buy anything while giving l importance to the rituals performed during the period. But due to lack of knowledge, the next generation adopted it as a mandate without understanding the meaning or concept of the custom or rite, and the next generation adopted it as a taboo to buy anything during this period, followed by succeeding other future generations has brought this further down as now is not the right time to start a new business.

Later it became practical that this period of time is cursed for anything auspicious or good (including any new purchase of gold, clothes, pots or goods or any transaction made on living things or not alive.) But in the light of reality knowing the concept of Pitra Paksha made life easier than it was at the beginning of the rite.

“The result is that for some years people have been looking forward to this auspicious and happy time of tarpana to do something new by starting a business or to buy a memorable asset in the name of the ancestors as a token of their love, gratitude and devotion to them; as people expect Navratri, Diwali, Dussehra, Ganesh Utsav, etc.

This has resulted in a large number of buyers in any market (real estate, gold, utensils, appliances, etc.) in comparison to, not immense, but in just ten years we have witnessed, where sellers of markets were expecting a single buyer a day, and it was called a clean-up period. said Sachin Arora.

Nowadays, the market is performing above normal this year, and it is expected to break last year’s record to double that of this year. It has no impact on C-19 or any other crisis.

“If, before reading this, you were also one of them who was unaware of the spirit of this auspicious timeline and refrained from starting or buying anything new, now the market is open to you in the light of knowledge. Well, after the 5-year crisis, it offers good short and long-term returns to investors and a bargain to its buyers. Of course, I am talking about real estate, and Noida is the hot cake for the entire buyer lobby, be it investors or end users, local or NRI Especially good upcoming landmarks, advertisements from reputable developers like Paras, M3M, H&S, Godrej, Lodha, Kalp-Taru, Tata, DLF, Prestige Elan, and the list is a bit long,” concludes Sachin Arora.

“Pitra-Paksha ki Shubhkamnayein”


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