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Prerequisite for a loan

You have to have a steady income. Many interested parties were poorly prepared or did not fulfill all the necessary conditions to get money lent. The differences and conditions of different types of credit. Even so, some consumers miss the information about how it works and what to look for. Many start-up entrepreneurs and small business owners are asking themselves: what conditions must be fulfilled in order to apply for a microcredit?

Conditions for a loan

Conditions for a loan

This can be remedied by a personal loan from a house bank or a financial service provider. Depending on the amount, however, certain conditions usually have to be met first, or evidence of such a loan must be provided. First, the house bank checks whether the applicant has a permanent residence and an account in the Federal Republic.

Thereafter, both the current income and the costs of the candidate will be examined more closely. The aim of the house bank is to determine whether the applicant is also able to pay the monthly installment for the loan, ie how high the economic credit rating is. It is not just about the current situation, but also about long-term predictability, as a loan usually has to be repaid over several years.

Depending on the requested loan amount, a more or less extensive budget is created. This includes all current income (salary, pensions, insurance benefits, capital gains, etc.) and all current expenses (rent, cost of living, car, loan, insurance, maintenance, etc.). If contradictory information is available, BuyNer may request proof of the individual positions.

As a rule, however, an adequate budget is accepted without a claim. Here, lending may fail because the house bank needs a guarantee at this point that the borrower can provide the personal loan for the full duration of the repayment term. The same applies in the event that the house bank rejects the personal loan because of a low earnings.

If the applicant has relevant assets, such as a property, this can be used as collateral. With this option, the house bank will then pay less attention to the other conditions, which simplifies lending. In addition to the economic creditworthiness, the financial performance of the company and private creditworthiness also play an important role. Second

The credit bureauakte covers all current loans, mobile phone contracts and the like as well as all payment delays of these in the past. 2. If a negative entry appears here, it may happen that the SNB rejects the loan application. In addition, one’s own credit rating is also relevant, especially if the loan is claimed from the housing bank.

For example, well-developed loans from the past come into play, which can also facilitate the granting of a new loan. In addition, the bank has all the account movements of the debtor in mind and will not endanger a good customer loyalty, if he needed a loan. In addition to the features already mentioned, it should be borne in mind that lending also takes into account certain “risk groups”.

Lending a 75-year-old senior with a term of five to six years is rather unusual. Even people with serious illnesses like cancer, whose lifespan is limited, will hardly have a loan. In this case, only a security or guarantee helps to procure the necessary capital.

As an alternative to personal loans, in the event of death or disability of the borrower, a costly residual debt insurance to cover the remaining debt can be closed.

But if you need start-up funding to start your own business, you need to have a very well thought-out business plan. Anyone who can not prove a fixed earned income when applying for a loan usually has no chance. A loan is only possible if additional collateral positions such. As land, building savings, insurance or the like can be made.

Or, another party can provide a guarantee with the applicant or take out the loan to make the personal loan possible. Nevertheless, it is necessary and reasonable to include a well considered repayment plan in the credit discussion. Because you should also calculate well for yourself how to pay off the monthly loan installments without a fixed, regular salary.

Only those who are at least 18 years old and therefore legally able to take credit in the Federal Republic. You can only take out a loan if you have a one-year-old guarantee. As a rule, the legal guardians are then liable with their signing.

You are old, but usually have no regular income.

You are old, but usually have no regular income.

However, since student finance is complex for several years, you often do not get around a personal loan or a special student loan. Because tailor-made loans make it possible for students to pay off only after graduation, this means for the banks that the student can quickly find a well-paid job and thus be able to cope with the repayment.

The prerequisite for this loan, however, is that the debtor is also at the house bank.

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