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Estia Developments Portugal is a leading real estate developer creating the highest quality residential properties designed for Portuguese families and foreign investors looking for properties and investments that match their modern lifestyle.

With a diverse portfolio spanning high-end properties and city residences, Estia is well positioned to cater for all lifestyles, whether you prefer the bustling streets of Lisbon, the archaic Belem or the sea and life view. island of Troia Resort.

With a robust, dynamic and high-quality real estate market, now is the time to seize an opportunity in the Portuguese real estate landscape. Estia is committed to positively improving neighborhoods for local residents, attracting investment to the country through residential and commercial property opportunities, and helping apply for citizenship by investment through Golden Visa programs.


Estia is a pioneering real estate developer specializing in high quality properties and recognized for its extraordinary architecture. Whether you choose the bustling streets of Lisbon, the historic town of Evora, the archaic Belem or the view of the sea and island life, our handpicked projects offer a wide range of modern lifestyles, shaped with comfortable and innovative designs.
As we create new developments or breathe new life into old properties, we are committed to positively improving neighborhoods for local residents, bringing investment to the country through commercial and residential opportunities.


Our vision is to become a trusted and recognized real estate developer in Portugal, while creating a variety of cutting edge and sustainable residential and commercial projects, aimed at citizens of the world willing to make a valuable investment.


Our mission is to maximize the value of our customers by creating refined, innovative and quality living spaces while having a positive impact on the local community.

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