Residential properties in southern Luzon remain one of the top choices for real estate investors, according to online real estate platform Lamudi. The proximity of these provinces to Metro Manila reflects the interest of property buyers in the southern regions.

Southern Luzon has a huge pool of real estate properties in the country, especially residential ones. As a strategic location for real estate businesses, buyers continue to appreciate the appeal of the South; not only for the primary purpose of having a primary residence, but also as a source of income and an asset to their investment portfolio.

More than that, the hometown appeal of these properties adds to the reason for property buyers to invest. In addition to having a large population, in the 2019 Philippine Overseas Workers (OFW) survey, the largest proportion of OFW was from CALABARZON at 20.7% of the total, and migrant workers are among the main drivers of Philippine real estate.

Location on appreciation of value

Homes and communities in the south are located in the midst of progress and development. The presence of different industries and business centers positively affects the continued appreciation of real estate investments there. In addition, for years these provinces have benefited from the many infrastructure projects launched by the government, further increasing the value of the communities strategically located in the region.

Lessandra communities in prime locations in the south. Photo source: Lessandra

In the past two years, real estate developer Lessandra has grown to 13 maaliwalas Southern Luzon-only communities, offering choice of properties with exclusive recreational spaces. An aggressive movement guided by the positive growth of the South, making safe and secure quality homes available to Filipinos looking for real estate investments.

Properties within immediate limits

The communities of Lessandra present in Cavite, Laguna and Batangas (CALABA) prove to be an investment in an ideal location, as these communities offer housing in the red light district of prosperous cities, in the midst of sustained economic growth, in proximity to several economic areas and growing developments. Across the CALABA boundary, especially in the next wave towns of Lipa and Dasmariñas and the emerging town of Batangas, the developer has accessible neighborhoods that offer spaces close to pockets of nature.

What makes these Lessandra communities easily accessible are the nearby infrastructure developments within the place – the existing road networks such as the Cavite Laguna Expressway, South Luzon Expressway and Cavite Expressway. , and the next extension LRT-1 Cavite, LRT-6 and Cavite- Autoroute Tagaytay-Batangas.

Properties further south

In the province of Quezon and the Bicol region, the current communities of Lessandra are located in a location that allows homeowners to enjoy the positive economic effects of being close to the metro, while enjoying living close to nature.

In addition to the benefits of communities in Quezon Province and the Bicol region, there is also the expected increase in tourism, business and opportunities from aggressive road projects and developments in these locations.

Maaliwalas space within the Lessandra communities.  Photo source: Lessandra
Maaliwalas space within the Lessandra communities. Photo source: Lessandra

The upcoming Southern Luzon Toll Highway (SLEX TR5) makes the Lessandra Subdivisions in Quezon Province and Bicol Region accessible. With Build, Build, Build, Sorsogon City’s largest project, the Sorsogon City Coastal Road, communities further south are made attractive to property buyers because of their convenience and balanced quality of life.

A look at the house and the lots offered in these southern communities.  Photo source: Lessandra
A look at the house and the lots offered in these southern communities. Photo source: Lessandra

Real estate companies in communities like Lessandra in southern Luzon are looking to be an attractive investment option. Investors will have the chance to reap the benefits of affordable space and secure the future through real estate by earning profitable returns.

For more information on how to invest in these southern Luzon communities, visit Lessandra’s website or post on their official Facebook page.

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