Orlando, Florida – Robert Slack LLC Real Estate Team Orlando is a local expert in buying and selling homes. Clients wishing to sell their properties through the team can request a comparative market analysis after specifying the property type, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and square footage. The real estate agent runs Slack Academy which offers an advanced training program targeting newly licensed Orlando real estate agents. Using the platform, agents with little experience can learn a lot about Real Estate 101, contracts, compliance, and more.

Business owner Robert Slack is a real estate mogul who started investing in the area in 1984. Hailing from Cumbria, England, Slack’s first businesses included the sale of vineyards and orchards. In 1996 Robert Slack moved to Ocala, Florida where he established the real estate brokerage house in 2014. Today the brokerage has grown into a trusted business with agents throughout Florida.

Driven by popular vacation homes and hotspots, Orlando, Florida has become an attractive real estate market. For Robert Slack LLC Real Estate Team Orlando, this is the perfect opportunity to help buyers and sellers live the lives of their dreams. The company has taken many steps on the road to success. In 2019, Robert Slack, LLC was ranked by RealTrends.com as the # 1 real estate team in Florida after closing 3,750 deals.

Robert Slack LLC Real Estate Team Orlando – Orlando Realtor has created several commission models for agents: the Leads division, the traditional real estate division, the 100% commission division, and the salaried agent division. The Traditional Real Estate Pole strives to boost the agent’s career. The company provides technology, training, marketing and support. Experienced real estate agents are encouraged to join the 100% Commission division which promotes more organic agency growth. The Leads division’s business model is customized to reduce marketing burden, while the lucrative salaried agent division offers salary, commissions, and other incentives to registered agents.

Testimonials from satisfied agents and agent clients paint a positive picture of the company. These include an opportunity to learn the secrets of closing the deal and gain access to powerful leads from real estate agents. As an added incentive, Robert Slack produced an eye-opening show called American Dream TV highlighting the attractions of Ocala and Orlando, with essential information that can help real estate buyers and investors.

The offices of Robert Slack LLC Real Estate Team Orlando are located at 7313 Greenbriar Parkway, Orlando, FL 32819, and can be reached by phone at (407) 584-3611. From the company’s resourceful website, agents can apply to join highly rewarding teams to achieve their real estate goals.

Media contact

Company Name
Robert Slack LLC Orlando Real Estate Team
Name of the contact
Daniel Louis Walters
(407) 584-3611
7313 Greenbriar Pkwy
United States


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