How this innovative tokenization platform makes real estate more accessible, transparent and liquid.

Real estate developers looking to raise capital faster and easier can now jump into the emerging real estate tokenization trend with SolidBlock. By combining real estate investment and blockchain technology, real estate developers can offer increased liquidity to their investors, who can now gain unprecedented access to private real estate investments, transparency and increased liquidity.

Founded in 2018 by blockchain experts Yael Tamar and Yuval Wirzberger, SolidBlock is a digital platform that aims to simplify and democratize access to the real estate market. In doing so, even lucrative real estate investment opportunities that were previously only accessible to high-income investors with large capital are now open to small retail investors.

“It will change the way property is defined for real estate marketing in the future,” their team says. “As the crypto and blockchain industries grow, more and more industries will shift their business processes to blockchain to make doing business easier and faster.”

And since their inception, SolidBlock has already made history by successfully tokenizing the world’s first commercial property – raising $18 million for the prestigious St. Regis Aspen Resort in Aspen, Colorado.

With SolidBlock, the real estate world will forever be changed for the better. You can find more information about how SolidBlock works at

About Solid Block

SolidBlock is a tokenization platform that allows real estate developers and fund managers to leverage blockchain technology for peer-to-peer transactions for secure, fast, and paperless transactions. They offer specific tokenization services for real estate investors, who can now sell cash to their investors.

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