The Mandlsohn Method by Analena Mandlsohn trains real estate agents to establish and grow their business. Analena shares the steps she took to overcome all the obstacles and become a trusted and award-winning real estate broker.

According to advertisements published by The Mandlsohn Method and Analena Mandlsohn, real estate agents who wish to learn from a successful coach on how to approach lead generation and really benefit from online real estate education.

Analena credits her success to a client-centric approach, having done the tough jobsites, her various real estate-related certifications, her legal background and most importantly her published author status. The Mandlsohn Method distills everything that has worked for her and the steps real estate agents need to take to launch and scale their business.

She offers coaching and online courses for real estate agents who are convinced they can do better but aren’t sure what steps to take. Analena’s courses can save volunteer real estate agents valuable time and money by guiding them towards the strategies best suited to their geographic area and target market.

According to sources, Analena Mandlsohn has published a highly acclaimed book, “Getting To Sold – Insider Secrets To Selling Your House Fast and For Top Dollar”. The book is for home sellers who want to learn how to sell a home for the best price. The book is the result of his experience and interviews with over 50 industry professionals, including experienced real estate agents, home inspectors, real estate appraisers, arborists and home stagers. The insight Mandlsohn gained during the book writing process allowed him to help more clients sell and buy properties.

His book talks about the two main reasons houses don’t sell, sell sweeteners, the right time to sell, home improvements that matter, cheap solutions with the best returns on investment, steps to create a sense of space and the psychology that promotes home enhancement, renovations, curb appeal, etc.

Originally intended to help sellers sell their own properties, Analena Mandlsohn later used her book to help her generate business and, more specifically, convert For Sale By Owners (FSBOs) into listings.

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Analena Mandlsohn of The Mandlsohn Method said, “I didn’t grow up in Canada. I didn’t have a huge network of school friends and family. I had no so-called “sphere of influence”. When I got my license, I was doing what other agents do to generate business, which is going door to door, attending open houses, etc. It was slow and not the most pleasant way to get business. You must have very thick skin, because many doors slam in your face.

Even the friendliest people who struck up a conversation already knew a real estate agent they would work with. I needed something to give me a competitive edge. Something different from what everyone else seemed to be doing at the time. There were tens of thousands of real estate agents on the Toronto Real Estate Board, but not even 0.5% were published authors on the subject. So I published a book. It was a game changer for me. There are many coaches and coaches out there, but what sets me apart from them is that I was in the trenches trying every strategy they teach, with little success. None of them had used a book to develop a real estate business. When I used my book as a lead generation tool, my real estate business literally exploded. That’s what I teach other agents to do.

I don’t think other coaches can say that. Everyone is a published author these days, but those coaches who have their own books are using their books to grow their coaching business. They don’t have experience building a real estate business using a book. I have first-hand experience in the latter case.

About the company:

Analena Mandlsohn has worked in the real estate industry for a decade; she has gone from being a real estate agent to being a mentor and coach for active and aspiring real estate agents. The Mandlsohn method is the culmination of her successful career, and through her website, she trains real estate agents across the United States to publish their own books to differentiate themselves, gain a competitive edge in any market, and grow their activities to unimaginable heights.

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