It’s easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day pressures of building and running your real estate business. You probably sometimes feel like you’re putting out fires without ever having a chance to step back and take stock of where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going.

To give you a more holistic perspective, I’ve put together seven basic tasks you need to complete each month, plus an additional monthly task that will keep your business moving forward. Feel free to mix and match the monthly articles according to the pace and rhythms of your local market and your personal goals.

Ongoing monthly tasks

Take some time each month (set a reminder in your calendar if that helps) to review this to-do list.

  • Update your budget tracker, spreadsheet, or accounting software as needed with income and expenses.
  • Review the production and planning of your content, social media posts, and emails from your sphere of influence.
  • View your leads and deal management platforms to see where each of your current and future customers are in their buying or selling lifecycle.
  • Make sure you are up to date on communication with each of your prospects and customers.
  • Communicate with your team, including agents, support staff, and freelancers you work with regularly about next month’s priorities.
  • Check in with yourself for a monthly facial, massage, manicure, golf day, or other self-care rituals.
  • Check in with family and friends to make sure you make time for fun and jokes in your busy monthly schedule.

Monthly action plan for 2022

Here is a list of monthly professional hygiene practices to keep your vessel sailing smoothly all year round, no matter how rough the waters.

  • January: New Year, New You is more than just an Instagram hashtag. If it’s been a while since you revisited your branding and marketing materials, there’s no better time than now. January is the perfect time to roll out that new headshot, color scheme, logo, or website redesign. This task may be more important than ever in 2022. Everyone has been running out of face-to-face time for nearly two years, and coming back with the same old look might feel like you haven’t used that time. wisely. Take the opportunity to reintroduce yourself into your sphere of influence with a new branding.
  • February: Depending on where you live, February is the start of the spring market or its precursor. You’ll want to get into ad showings, as sellers who have avoided the pandemic will be ready to put their homes on the market during the first sunny weekend. Make sure your ad layout is up to date, especially if you’ve updated your branding. Also, make sure it reflects the latest market stats and trends and answers questions you frequently hear from other potential sellers.
  • March: For most agents, the market will be in full swing at this point. Make sure you have lots of signs and doors open and show supplies. If you haven’t already, check the brokerage and licensing information on your panels to make sure they meet the latest requirements for your state. Plus, stock up on slippers, towels, and lock lubricant to make sightseeing easier during melting snow or rainy spring days.
  • April: Taxes are due this month, which can be difficult to put together when you also work with clients seven days a week. Make sure you have all the documents you need or check with your CPA or your tax preparer to see if there are any last-minute details you should be aware of. If you feel like you’re always behind the eight ball come tax time, now is a great time to make a plan for next year. Hire a financial advisor, find out what you can do to maximize your tax savings, then create a system to record your expenses consistently so you never fall behind.
  • Can: May can be a tough time for many of your clients as they try to close their homes towards the end of the school year. Make sure your communication is relevant and up-to-date and that you maximize the capabilities of your different communication platforms. Your phone, email provider, and messaging apps have so many features you may never have explored. Keep up to date with the latest updates so you’re ready to provide consistent communication throughout the year.
  • June: As the spring market begins to falter, take the time to review what worked and what didn’t in your marketing and deal management. Where do your leads come from? Which investments did not return as you expected? What good intentions have been overlooked? By reviewing analytics and data from your various transactions, you will better understand where to spend your time and money in the coming year. Plus, you’ll learn how to create more consistent results by diversifying your efforts, bringing balance and stability to your income stream.
  • July: As you begin to think about the slower months of late summer, fall, and winter, it’s time to set your intentions for the season ahead. You may be thinking of building a team. Perhaps you are considering training for a broker’s license. Maybe you want to develop a new niche or start investing in real estate. Just as you’ve probably set goals for the new year, you need to set goals for the second half of the year. Discuss with a trusted mentor or colleague for clarity. Write down your goals or create a vision board. Post your intentions on social media to gain support from your followers and create accountability. Don’t let the next six months pass without taking positive steps to achieve your dreams.
  • August: August is traditionally (we’ll see what happens in 2022) a slower time of year as school resumes and people postpone decision making until September, October or January. This month is a time to retreat a bit and take care of yourself. Take a vacation, plan a day at the spa, or implement a new wellness practice into your daily routine. Remember that you cannot pour from an empty pitcher. Take the time to take care of yourself so you can take care of your business too.
  • September: Now that the kids are back in school, make it the time to go back to school yourself. If you need CE credits for your license renewal, schedule them this month. You can also look for an online course to improve your skills in certain areas of your real estate practice. Don’t limit yourself to a new certification. Learn real estate photography or practice new scripts. Learn how to write the perfect property description or master the latest technology platform.
  • October: It’s between the late summer slump and the holiday season, so you’re probably talking to a good number of prospects and customers. Gather their frequently asked questions and start planning content for the new year. Whether you’re developing topics for your YouTube, Reels, and TikToks videos, creating outlines for your blog posts, or scheduling interviews for your podcast, you’ll find it easier to stick to your schedule if you have thought about what you are going to say well in advance.
  • November: As the year draws to a close, it’s time to look back at the customers you’ve served this year. The holidays are a perfect opportunity to let them know you’re thinking of them and offer them extra help. Send a handwritten note and attach two business cards, one to keep and one to share. Take this opportunity to send a link for reviews or request a testimonial if you haven’t already to boost your online presence for the New Year.
  • December: In some markets, you could be as busy as ever in December with snowbirds looking for rentals or second homes. In others, you may be preparing for a brief winter hibernation in your business. Either way, look back with satisfaction on the past year and look forward to the year to come. As long as you did your best and served your customers with honesty, integrity and heart, you will have much to be proud of this holiday season.

Christy Murdock is a real estate agent, freelance writer, coach and consultant and owner of Real Estate Writing. She is also the creator of the online course Building the Property Description: The Step-by-Step Formula for Reluctant Property Writers. Follow Real Estate Writing on Twitter, instagram and Youtube.


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