Have you ever wondered who the top 20 real estate developers in North America are? Well, it’s your lucky day: we have a comprehensive and comprehensive list of the biggest movers and shakers in the real estate development industry, from residential to commercial to industrial and beyond.

Top 20 real estate developers: residential construction

Residential construction will always be big business. From single-family homes to multi-family dwellings, here are some of the major players in residential land development.

1. AvalonBay Communities

Based in Arlington, Virginia, AvalonBay owns more than 77,000 apartment buildings in the Northeastern United States, Mid-Atlantic and Pacific Northwest. With an estimated market value of $23 billion based on $2.19 billion in sales and $780 million in profits, AvalonBay is a real heavy hitter.

2. Greystar Real Estate Partners

Founded in 1993 with just 9,000 units under management from its offices in Charleston, South Carolina, Greystar has since grown to more than 400,000. It manages residential real estate properties almost everywhere in the United States, except for the New York tri-state area, and has also branched out internationally in recent years.

3. Timber Partners

Serving the East, West and Gulf Coasts of the United States and parts of the Midwest, Wood Partners has a long history as a real estate developer dating back to 1998. One of the most trusted developers, Wood Partners regularly adds 5,000 units – or more to its list of managed properties each year.

4. Mill Creek Residential

With a service region that mirrors much of Wood Partners, Mill Creek Residential is certainly no slouch when it comes to being included in this top 20 real estate developer list! This is all the more remarkable considering that this developer was founded not too long ago in 2011, but has grown rapidly over that time with over 25,000 units built and 15,000 under management.

5.Continental Properties Company, Inc.

Notable for covering geographies that companies like Mill Creek and Wood Partners don’t, Continental Properties offers residential real estate development for America’s Heartland. This venerable company was founded in 1979 in Menomonee Falls, Wis., and has 76 residential real estate projects in 24 different states.

The best office property developers

Commercial office real estate is, of course, also big business in North America. There are also heavyweights in this category, all of which have developed over 2.5 million square feet of office space each.

6. Hines

This Houston, Texas-based real estate developer has over 12 million square feet of office space developments under its belt, firmly cementing its place on this list of the top 20 real estate developers. Founded in 1957, Hines may have started in the United States, but it is now spread across more than 200 cities in 24 different counties, where it manages more than $116 billion in office assets.

7. Trammell Crow Company

Another Texas-based company, this time from Dallas, Trammell Crow has nearly 10 years on Hines – it was founded in 1948. Its portfolio may be a bit more modest at just 4.1 million square feet, but it’s still an incredible achievement. In fact, the company’s US holdings dwarf those of other companies, including Hines, with $8.8 billion worth of active pipeline projects alone.

8. Carter

Responsible for developing 4 million square feet of office space, Carter started in 1958 in Atlanta, Georgia – and hasn’t looked back since. Indeed, since its inception, the company has invested $5 billion in real estate assets, making it a major player in the office real estate industry. He also has his hands in mixed-use and multi-family real estate development, making him a triple threat.

9. JBG Companies

JBG has been making big waves lately, with Amazon announcing that it has chosen one of their properties for its new headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. This is a major blow for the Maryland-based company, as it is already booming with 3.1 million square feet of office space already developed or under construction in the Washington, DC metro area!

10. Lowe Enterprises

Lowe Enterprises has 3 million square feet of office space developed and under construction with 46 years of real estate investment and development expertise. The Los Angeles, Calif.-based company is focused on developing single and multi-tenant office properties and has $2 billion in projects underway.

11. Hillwood

Founded in 1988 by Ross Perot Jr., Hillwood has been going strong for three decades. This Dallas, Texas-based real estate developer has 33 office developments in California, Texas, Arizona, Wyoming and even Hawaii, offering 2.6 million square feet of office space developed or under development. .

Commercial real estate development

Everyone loves to shop – and these retail promoters know how to tap into consumer passion like no other, with a minimum of 80 million square feet of retail space each.

12. Simon Real Estate Group

Unless you’ve lived under a rock, you’ve probably been to a Simon Mall, as the company has over 188 million square feet of retail space in the United States alone. Founded in 1993 in Indianapolis, Indiana, Simon is going – and growing – strong today.

13. General Growth Properties

This Chicago, Illinois-based retail investor has over 122 million square feet of retail space in its portfolio, spread across 125 commercial properties nationwide. It is particularly known for its sustainability initiatives across all of its varied business properties.

14. SITE Centers

With more than 92 million square feet of retail space, Ohio-based SITE Centers — formerly known as DDR Corp — is no slouch when it comes to real estate development at its more than 270 properties. SITE takes a cutting-edge, data-driven approach to retail investing that has resonated with many.

15. Kimco Realty Corp.

With over 490 properties spread over 80 million square feet, Kimco Realty Group knows how to diversify its business holdings. Based in New Hyde Park, NY, Kimco has been around for over 60 years, easily making it one of the top 20 oldest real estate developers on this list.

16. Brixmor Property Group

Manhattan-based Brixmor operates more than 475 outlets across 82 million square feet, putting the company on par with New York-based competitor Kimco Realty. Brixmor specializes in the repositioning and development of anchors.

Industrial development

The last piece of the puzzle, industrial development is a major facet of the North American economy. Here are some of the top 20 and largest real estate developers dealing with industrial properties.

16. Pro Logis

With 22 million square feet of development, ProLogis is by far the big daddy of industrial real estate. Founded in 1983 in the American Southwest, the company has since grown not only national but multinational, spanning 4 continents.

17. Panattoni Development Co.

It only has 10.3 million square feet of industrial space at its disposal, but that doesn’t mean Panattoni doesn’t deserve a spot at the table of the top 20 real estate developers in North America. Based in Newport Beach, California, this industrial developer has been booming since 1986!

18.McDonald Development Co.

We’re not talking fast food here — McDonald Development has 4.4 million square feet of industrial real estate development under its belt, making it one of the top developers in North America. McDonald’s is primarily located in the southeastern United States, holding its court from its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

19.USAA Real Estate Co.

The real estate arm of USAA, that venerable organization that has helped countless US military service members, owns 3.5 million square feet of industrial real estate developments in Texas, Pennsylvania and California.

20. LaSalle Investment Management

With 3.3 million square feet of industrial real estate alone, LaSalle’s North American branch is a 30-year industry veteran, headquartered in New York City.


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