100% financing is key in a tough housing market

PHILADELPHIA, PA / ACCESSWIRE / October 5, 2021 / In a booming real estate market, individual buyers must be prepared to compete with institutional investors with vast resources. If it is not within a day of listing, most homes are sold within the same week. Now, given the housing shortage, conglomerates are buying investment property in bulk with cash. The average real estate investor needs better options to keep money in the bank and grow with the agility of their competition. Rehab Financial Group, LP, a Philadelphia-area private lender, provides 100% financing to investors to help them stay competitive.

Many conventional lenders require down payments and long lists of documentation requirements; they take 60 to 90 days to close a loan and make financing a purchase and renovation nearly impossible. Even lenders who typically require less, a decent credit score and enough bank assets to cover closing costs require an additional 10 to 15 percent down payment on an investment home purchase. Conversely, RFG requires no down payment and can close a loan in as little as 15 days. For approved borrowers, RFG lends both 100 percent of the purchase and rehabilitation costs for a project up to 70 percent of the value after repair (ARV).

Susan Naftulin, Co-Founder and Managing Member of Rehab Financial Group, LP (RFG), envisioned the need for a quick close when she started making short-term loans 12 years ago. “Borrowers are able to compete with even the most savvy real estate investor,” Naftulin said. “These loans put more money in their pockets and allow them to have more purchasing power.”

This unique approach allows individual investors to earn more income over the long term. In most cases, borrowers are only responsible for the initial closing costs, reserves, and interest payments only.

For Rich Denisar, an investor in South Jersey with properties in Burlington, Camden and Salem counties, the 100% funding from Rehab Financial Group had a major impact not only on his investments, but also on his quality of life. The financing arrangement allowed him to rehabilitate more than one property at a time for the first time in 25 years. As a result, he generated a lot more income, enough to retire at age 65 based on his rental income alone. Better yet, he was able to invest in his own community as an individual investor and not as an anonymous institution driving up prices for local families.

“Rehab Financial Group is a direct lender with our own money and makes all of its lending decisions internally, which allows us to better support individual investors,” says Naftulin. “We believe in educating new investors as well as helping seasoned investors streamline their businesses. We are here to partner with financially responsible borrowers to help them achieve their real estate investment goals.”

A private money lender based in 26 states across the country, Rehab Financial Group is unique in its methodology as it assesses borrowers as a whole, using common sense underwriting and working to match specific goals of the bank. borrower on a loan with the term that is fair as opposed to a hard and fast formula. With over $ 225 million funded, it’s an approach that works.

About Rehab Financial Group

Rehab Financial Group’s 50 years of combined real estate and lending experience have helped thousands of investors become successful home improvement professionals. We strongly believe in matching clients with the loan that best meets their specific needs.

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