At Inman, we are constantly bringing in expert agents, brokers and big thinkers to bring you the latest techniques and tips to do your job better, accomplish daily tasks easier, and grow your business faster and more profitably.

Inman is pleased to announce the launch of Agent Edge, a new email newsletter covering everything related to real estate agents. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, we’ll bring you the best tips, tips, and latest practices in a quick, easy-to-read format. The inaugural issue will be released on Wednesday, September 8 and every Monday, Wednesday and Friday thereafter.

To look for Agent Edge in your inbox: it’s your competitive advantage.

Who should subscribe?

Agent Edge is for agents who want to see month-to-month growth. If you are an agent who believes in the importance of providing top notch service to their clients and you want to see that hard work and success reflected in their bottom line, then this is for you.

Why is it different?

Inman strives to provide you with the tools and techniques you need to grow and scale your business.

How to access more in-depth coverage of the real estate space?

See all of Inman’s coverage here!

Here’s what you’ll get out of each edition:

  • Tap into our vast pool of industry information: Each issue, you’ll find new stories from over 500 Inman contributors who share their top tips, best practices, and next-level strategies..
  • Benefit from expert advice: Get the scoop from the best in the industry. Let our experts keep you up to date on topics such as economics, social media marketing, business coaching, growth, marketing, diversity and more.
  • Discover the latest and greatest technologies: Check out the latest product reviews to be in the know when it’s time to upgrade. Inman technical expert Craig Rowe reviews all the latest technology, often before it hits the market.

Make sure you subscribe here.

We would love to hear what you think about it. Send us tips, story ideas and feedback to [email protected].

The first issue comes out Wednesday, September 8 and every Monday, Wednesday and Friday thereafter.



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