At a glance, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of similarity between selling real estate and trying to keep a fleet of long-haul trucks on time and moving, but there’s at least one area where these two companies animations both need to improve: data management.

According to Chris Palmer, chief financial officer of Renren, Inc., a publicly traded company that owns Chime Technologies and Trucker Path, it’s about automating tedious tasks for busy people.

Phoenix-based Chime Technologies is a customer relationship management platform for the real estate industry, and Trucker Path is a platform that connects truckers, carriers, and brokers.

For long-haul truckers, Trucker Path allows drivers to communicate with each other and brokers to anticipate their trip, so they can plan which truck stop they are going to and their availability.

“It gives them a lot of information about what’s going on down the road,” Palmer said. “We integrate many different platforms with the idea of ​​providing an end-to-end solution that allows a driver to identify loads, reserve loads, transport loads, deliver loads and pick up a much of the administrative burden on their backs.

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For the real estate industry, Chime offers a marketing automation platform and a customer relationship management (CRM) system that helps manage everything from lead identification to closing.

“There’s a lot of different things we’re looking to do on that side,” Palmer said. “We are also looking to re-engage with brokers on the business side who are innovative in their thinking so that we can understand their needs and workflows and begin to address these issues.”

Activation of new business models

Both industries are critical and have grabbed the headlines with the real estate market hot and supply chain trucker services in demand.

The real estate industry is going through a transformation, Palmer noted. Buyers have more control over what information they can access through platforms like Zillow. At the same time, real estate is the biggest purchase consumers will make, so the relationship between buyers and agents is changing.

“We need to activate new business models that are likely to reside in a world of lower commissions, lower touches – but still significant touches – and probably an even increasing professionalization of the real estate market,” Palmer said.

In the trucking industry there is a massive shortage of drivers, so drivers have a lot of power in the supply chain. There is also the shortage of chips which reduces the availability of new trucks, and then the ports have their own problems.

“I see this industry is limited,” Palmer said. “I see this as an opportunity for technologies like Trucker Path because what we’re trying to do is take the friction out of the load sourcing and delivery process and help truckers become more efficient and more effective at what they do.”

Build a world-class financial organization

To collect subscription fees, Chime has a proprietary internal billing system tied to one of the major payment processors, while Trucker Path largely goes through Google Play and Apple stores. On the corporate side, which will be much larger, it will probably be more traditional, with invoices and checks. There, the goal will be to automate everything.

“My goal is to build a world-class financial organization,” Palmer said. “I want an organization that leverages the power of technology and directs its energy to help the business grow efficiently and create non-intrusive yet effective control environments.”



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