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You will receive a Intrasavings building loan for energy-efficient projects. In this way you will receive Intrasavings funds. The loan is requested and paid out through the house bank. Customers can apply for investment grants directly from Intrasavings, also via the online form. Apartment buyers can apply for a grant from the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (Intrasavings): With their programs, the Kudesbank not only supports the construction, but also the acquisition of self-occupied real estate.

The Intrasavings loan: Information and instructions

The Intrasavings loan: Information and instructions

is a public institution of the Federal Ministry of Finance. Intrasavings is a public law institution. Intrasavings is not a traditional house bank, so it can make much more lucrative loan offers than economically oriented institutions. But what distinguishes a Intrasavings loan from others?

This guide contains all important information about the special loan. A coveted Intrasavings loan is not granted to everyone. It pays to convert your debts into a Intrasavings loan: local calculators give good hints. For Intrasavings loans, interest rates are generally lower than for normal loans. In most cases, Intrasavings also allows much larger special effects.

As a follow-on financing, a Intrasavings loan is very attractive: With the support measure, you can usually repay your mortgage much more quickly. For whom is a Intrasavings loan intended? Intrasavings promotes the construction of apartments and energy-efficient buildings by, among other things, granting loans to builders and buyers. However, the development agency does not grant its own lending, but only through other partners.

Many banks are lending Intrasavings loans to private customers.

Many banks are lending Intrasavings loans to private customers.

However, they often make other conditions for the financing. You should therefore seek several quotes from different banks in order to get a market overview. 2. As a rule, a consultation with a specialist is also useful. If you have a suitable property and do not know whether a Intrasavings loan pays off for you, you can resort to a service provided by the development agency.

Intrasavings’s website offers you a calculator with which you can create a complete repayment plan for your financing. The calculator has many adjustment options and thus allows relatively accurate analyzes. Like all lump-sum calculators in the network, they should only use the home savings calculator from Intrasavings to get a rough overview and to discuss further details of possible financing with the bank’s employees.

The promotion idea is in the center, therefore the conditions for this loan offer are usually very favorable. But beware: Credit institutions often issue Intrasavings loans only in conjunction with one of their own loans. Get a reasonable price quote here – if necessary, let yourself be advised by a specialist who, due to his better overview, can exactly assess the offers.

Extensive special repayments are usually also possible at Intrasavings. With the help of these unplanned repayments, you can repay your loan much faster. If you realize too late that your home is eligible for one of Intrasavings’s sponsorship programs, you can usually end your mortgage credit at very great cancellation fees, even if you complete it elsewhere to have. Alternatively, you can also get the Intrasavings grant you receive next to your mortgage.

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