It’s no secret that we are in the digital age, and real estate agents have had to adapt in recent years. Today around 70% of real estate agents have a website. Wait, only 70%?

This means that almost a third of all real estate agents lack the centerpiece of their online marketing strategy. If you don’t have your real estate listings online, let’s talk about the importance of online marketing for real estate agents!

Reach the widest audience

You can reject it all you want, but the fact remains the same; the world is online. We all search for things online when we need information, and we’ve all had our interest piqued by an online advertisement at some point.

We’re not suggesting that physical marketing has no place in today’s world, but the internet allows for the widest reach. At least 85% of Americans are online every day, which is far more than the number of commutes or reading the newspaper. Billboards or other traditional advertisements will never have the same reach.

Create organic traffic

Driving organic traffic to your website will pay dividends for your entire digital marketing strategy. Organic traffic is traffic that you don’t have to pay for or solicit. They find you through search engines or social media.

Well, organic traffic isn’t just a “lucky find”. With search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing, you can drive organic traffic to your website, even for free! This will launch users’ journeys with your site on an initial note of trust, which can have higher conversion rates than other forms of marketing.

For example, if you have real estate listings on your site or on a real estate platform, you can optimize that content to help the right users find you. Search engines work by matching what they consider to be the highest quality content with relevant users based on their searches, location, and a few other factors. If you have an optimized website and your ad keywords match their search, Google can match you with the right users.

This way, when users search for “houses for sale near me” or “houses for [neighborhood] in Ann Arbor,” they can find your content. If they are already looking for you, they are much more likely to contact you than if they see another ad.

Targeted real estate advertisements

That’s not to say ads aren’t effective, because they certainly can be. If you think physical ads are effective, you have no idea. Online real estate advertising has become a precise science in recent years, allowing you to target your future buyers with incredible precision.

Ad platforms on real estate platforms, as well as others like Google or Facebook, allow you to reach people looking for homes in your area. Users are much more likely to engage with your ads if you offer something they are already looking for.

If you’re already spending money on ads, there’s no reason to limit yourself or waste money. Targeting your ads will go a long way in increasing your conversion rates and

Offer virtual tours

What’s better than real estate billboards? Something that will actually engage and stick in the minds of your target audience. Virtual tours are a great option for those looking to expand their reach and stand out from the competition.

With this technology, you can offer users the ability to view a property even if they can’t come and view it in person. This way, people moving from San Francisco to Boston won’t have to buy a plane ticket just to visit a house they might not buy.

Virtual tours will also help browsers get a better idea of ​​the property before seeing it in person. This will show that the property is professionally managed and may entice motivated buyers to check it out.

Also, this is a great strategy for building user loyalty on your website. Whether you drive traffic from ads, statistics have shown that virtual tour websites retain users for 5 to 10 times longer than those without.

Marketing integration

The best part about digital marketing for real estate sites is that all of these tactics can work cohesively. For example, there are dozens of ways to drive traffic to your real estate listings, such as social media, advertisements, or search engine marketing. From there, you can direct traffic to sign up for mailing lists, notifications, and more.

With the right strategies in place, you can integrate all of your existing marketing campaigns to benefit each other. SEO can help reduce your reliance on ads, social media can help drive website traffic, and email campaigns can help build a social network following. The possibilities are limitless.

However, there is one key element in all of these examples: your website. Without a proper website, it will be much more difficult to increase ad conversions, drive organic traffic, or build an email list.

Think of your website as the center of your entire digital marketing strategy. The more you invest in it, the more you will get back on all fronts!

Real estate agents: use these tools

Now that you know some helpful marketing tips for real estate agents, why wait? Put these tips into practice today to stay ahead of the competition. Every investment you make today in your online presence will pay off in the long run.

Stay up to date with our latest tips for real estate agents and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!


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